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2021-10-21 Changes to account graduation process and General Guidelines


真実はいつもひとつ! There's only one truth
Hi everybody!

The main reason for this post is that we've updated our General Guidelines, in order to provide more information and to clarify certain things.
Please make sure to also read the other important documents in the Announcements and Dialogues section.

We're really happy with the atmosphere on the forum during these first two weeks. We've grown to more than 500 approved members. It's amazing to see all these new and old faces. I love that long-time lurkers decided to create an account, and also seeing old sales veterans return to the community has been an absolute pleasure to see. The staff is stunned by the insane demand for Install Base membership. We're currently approving approximately 30 new members per day, to make sure we can continue to closely follow the conversations and atmosphere on the website. Right now, there are still more than 600 people waiting in line to get access to the forum. To them we say: we hope you'll be patient with us.

Changes to account graduation process
Because there's such high demand, and a lot of new members join the forum every day, we have decided to make some changes to the account graduation process, which turns Junior Members into full-grown Members. Effective immediately, your account will be automatically upgraded as soon as you've been a Member for 45 days and have posted at least 150 messages on the board. We cut the requirements in half. We will gradually raise the bar in the coming months, but during this launch period, we feel lower requirements are fair and adapted to the quality of the contributions the initial waves of Juniors are bringing to Install Base. Graduating from Junior Member to Member allows you to create threads and gives you access to some other hidden features.

We hope to provide an update on other topics and features when they're ready.
If you have comments or want to leave feedback, feel free to make your thoughts known in the Community Discussion and Moderation Feedback thread.
Of course the DMs of the Staff are also always open.
Can only say: Thx so much to the whole team for all the effort you put into this forum! Love it!
Good update. The gradual reduction will help those like me who pretty much don't post in case they ever want to start a thread or something after having been here for a while without the need to spam.
How many people are in the backlog now? You've approved over 400 members since the original post. The forum's growing at a good clip!
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