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Which one is going to be the best selling game: FFXVI or FFVII Rebirth?

Which FF game is going to sell better ?


    Votes: 35 76.1%
  • FF7: Rebirth

    Votes: 6 13.0%
  • They'll sell pretty much the same

    Votes: 5 10.9%

  • Total voters


We have both FFXVI and FFVII Rebirth coming close to each other, both are PS5 only, soi thought it would be cool to predict which one would be the best selling one.

Last mainline game: FFXV

FFXV shipped 5 million day one

FFXV shipped 6 million

The last update given it was that shipped 10 million


FFVIIR shipped 5 million after four months

That was the last update, probably 7-8M by now after the release on Epic Games Store and Steam.

What we have going for FFXVI:
It looks like a game aiming for the west with the medieval fantasy setting, people expect a lot of FFXIV fans are going to try the game. There are rumours about a PC release happening 6 months later, that can help.

We still dont know if its an open world game, but if it is it can be an easier sell to new fans just like happened with FFXV.

What we have going for Rebirth:
Its a sequel for a beloved game, it was given for free on PS Plus, so that brought a lot of new people that maybe are interested in getting the sequel
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