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What do you expect will sell better, Forspoken or Soul Hackers 2?

What will sell better, Forspoken or Soul Hackers 2?

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Phantom Thief

The Ghost of Tsushima


Yes, I'm back with another one of these.

Soul Hackers 2 and Forspoken are almost nothing alike, so this comparison might seem random, out of the left field, and maybe even nonsensical. But my thinking behind trying to assess the relative sales potential for both games is this: they are both upcoming new IP from these well known and popular RPG publishers that are at least intended to be flagship, tentpole new franchises. The sales potential for both, however, is in question, due to a series of decisions that have been made for each game that uniquely hobble their potential from where they might have been otherwise.

In the past, I have asked about Forspoken's sales potential relative to Octopath Traveler, and I have asked about Soul Hackers 2's sales potential relative to Shin Megami Tensei V. Based on the answers in those threads, it looks like people are actually placing these two games in the same (or very similar) sales tiers - even if they haven't consciously realized that yet. In which case this thread should force the question, lol.

So, without further ado, here is where things stand for both games:


+ Has received a significant marketing push, including from Sony and Square
+ Has a big star headlining it (and other big names associated with it)
+ Open world action RPG games have a pretty high sales potential
- The game is $70 (including bringing that pricing to PC, which is extra price sensitive as a market)
- The game is available only on PC and PS5, the latter still being extremely difficult to get
- Media impressions and player reception have been mixed at best

Soul Hackers 2:

+ Available on five platforms, including PS4 and Steam, that are extremely healthy for Japanese RPGs, turn based RPGs, and anime style RPGs
+ $60 pricing
+ The showings it has had that people are aware of were received fairly positively (including media previews at E3)
- Turn based RPGs have a lower sales potential than open world action RPGs (at least on the platforms Sol Hackers 2 and Forspoken are on)
- Almost no meaningful marketing (leading to very low awareness)
- Very low pre-order numbers in the regions we know of
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