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UPDATED: How much will Xenoblade Chronicles 3 sell? POST-REVEAL POLL

Now that XC3 has been officially revealed, how much do you think it will sell? (Worldwide LTD)

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Infected with 'Xenoblade'. 御免なさい🙇‍♀️
Now that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has been officially announced and gave us a good look at what it's gonna be, we can have another vote, this time more informed than the last one. The last poll unfortunately got lost, so if you're confused why there's a new poll, that's the reason. If you have already posted you more detailed predictions earlier in this thread, either edit your old post of make a new one (if your prediction changed - if it's the same as before yesterday's game reveal, you're good). That's it for this time, let's wait and see who gets closest! Have fun."

See original OP:

There has been more frequent talk about Xenoblade in recent days, Xenoblade 3 specifically, in context of when it releases, some saying 2022, others less optimistic and going for a later year. But there's another topic was touched upon before and that makes for a great prediction thread: How much will Xenoblade Chronicles 3 sell?

Things to keep in mind:
- Xenoblade 1 barely made it to the USA
- Xenoblade X was stifled by being tied to the flopped Wii U
- Despite that, the franchise became loved enough that Shulk made it into Smash Bros
- Xenoblade 2 became the best-selling Monolith Soft-game of all times with a little over 2 million units sold, beating any past Xeno-title
- it released not even a year into the Switch' life on a small installed hardware base
- Xenoblade 2 had extreme legs, very unusual for the genre, pointing towards good word of mouth
- Pyra and Mythra became popular enough to show up in Smash Bros as a second Xenoblade-fighter spot
- Xenoblade 1 was extensively remastered and sold over a million, too. Moreover, it brought the beginning part of the on-going overarching plot to Switch.

I've seen a lot of differing opinions on this topic and it also heavily depends on the time and platform you expect Xenoblade 3 to release on. Going by whatever you believe, what is the sales potential for Xenoblade 3?

The format I'd like to propose for this prediction is as follows:

Japan Sales FW:
Japan Sales LTD:
Worldwide LTD:

(Worldwide FW would probably be too hard to track data-wise, but the rest is data we should get at some point. Feel free to add your worldwide FW-prediction, too, though)

I chose to make this thread now before the game is revealed to gauge the potential of the franchise and not a specific game. It'd be interesting, however, if you revisted this thread after the game is revealed and add your revised preidction IF you feel like revising it, whether that's up or down. Leave your old prediction, though, makes it more interesting for everyone :) Anyway, have fun and feel free to write in full detail why you think what you predict. Poll is stays open until the end of the year.
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