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UK August 2023: PS5 No. 1, Switch No. 2; XBS No. 3; FIFA No. 1, Armored Core No. 2

This is a bad performance.
It looks like XSX will be doing 40-50K for September, meaning even with its biggest exclusive launch, its going to be -20 or -30% September 2022.

PS5 may even outsell XBS 2:1 in the UK in September.
UK Holiday period is huge, tends to be almost 50% of total yearly sales, so there is still time but the middling reception of Starfield I see and we'll know from month end numbers what the legs are on both Starfield and its system selling effect.

SM2 may also be a nice comparison on the respective system sellers.

Unless Sony does another 399 promotion I don't see PS5 outselling Series 2-1, maybe 1.5-1.
Don't count your eggs before they hatch, you just said Starfield was not pushing Xbox hardware only to be proven wrong a few hours after.

They just had their two biggest weeks of the year, PS5's discount is ending, I wouldn't bet on PS5 outselling Xbox 2:1 this September.

I think you are misunderstanding. When I and many say system sellers, it means it pushes considerable hardware, not just a small bump, especially when these highly anticipated games are released in the first half of a consoles life cycle.

As I said prior, this is the biggest exclusive of the gen for XBS. It should be outselling the PS in its launch month in its two strongest regions. That seems far from the case and I do not see notable legs for Starfiled either in this regard.

A lot does depend on how big the volume of SM2 PS5s are. I at least expect PS5 to be up YoY. Also the XBS to be on the lower end as from the article the second week did not have nearly as big of a jump.

Unless Sony does another 399 promotion I don't see PS5 outselling Series 2-1, maybe 1.5-1.

Spiderman PS5s will all be counted in September. But yeah, there is a range.
If we extrapolated them for full market unless GfK panel of retailers coverage has changed then the numbers would be the following:

PlayStation 5 - 537.000
Nintendo Switch - 340.000
Xbox Series - 234.000
So they only track around 80% of the UK market?
UK, or European markets in general are harder to track than the US with just a few mega retailers.
You just don't track 95% of the market directly.
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