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What platforms do you believe Dragon Quest XII will release on?

  • Nintendo platform (Switch and/or Switch successor)

    Votes: 58 89.2%
  • PlayStation 5

    Votes: 38 58.5%
  • PlayStation 4

    Votes: 28 43.1%
  • PC

    Votes: 36 55.4%
  • Xbox (One and/or Series)

    Votes: 25 38.5%

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Now that the dawntrail expansion is coming out, how dependant will Square Enix be from this expansion doing well for them financially this fiscal year?
How has been the recepction of the expansion? There are still not enough reviews from the outlets to have a picture about it.

I've heard that the story is "worse" than some of the others expansions and it has a slow start, but I don't know if it's an isolated opinion.
Just some food for thought.

On Nintendo platforms - and strictly speaking about retail sales - S-E have released 18 millon sellers
On PlayStation platforms, they have sold 15 of those
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