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Shueisha Games | Discussion Thread



Hello, everyone! I decided to make this thread to discuss Shueisha Games output and strategy because of my interest in the way they are handling things as a company so far, however, since we (at least currently) don’t have much data regarding their games, I’m not entirely sure if we will have that much to discuss. Regardless, I hope you all can enjoy this thread!

To give some context, Shueisha is a book publisher well known for Weekly Shounen Jump, the manga magazine that housed series like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Chainsaw Man and plenty others extremely popular series. The Jump line is, of course, their most famous product, having multiple magazines focused on the Shounen audience, but also in the Seinen segment, with magazines like Young Jump (Tokyo Ghoul), and even in digital format, with Jump+ (Spy x Family). Outside of the Jump line, they also have popular magazines focused on Female audience, like Ribon (Chibi Maruko-chan, Aishiteru Baby, Honey Lemon Soda), Margaret (Hana Yori Dango, Kimi ni Todoke, Kieta Hatsukoi) and Cookie (Nana). Manga publishing matters aside (which you should absolutely continue talking about in the Manga Sales Thread), Shueisha series got multiple video games adaptations through the years, but Shueisha themselves were mostly only involved as licensors, leaving the actual development and production with other companies, like Bandai Namco, Konami and even Nintendo. Shueisha Games is, obviously, a subsidiary of Shueisha focused on making games.

Shueisha entered the game development scene by being a sponsor of Google Play Indie Game Festival and subsequently with Shueisha Game Creators CAMP, a project focused on supporting indie developers. Many of the games that would be later picked by Shueisha Games were initially born from the Creators CAMP initiative, but the project had titles that were published by other parties as well, like Numpurr Card Wars, published by the developer, Nukenin, themselves, and a One Piece mobile spin-off, which is planned to be published by Bandai Namco.

Shueisha Games name first popped out on May 19 of 2021 on Steam, being listed as the developer of the infamous Kaguya-sama: Love is War Visual Novel, which turned out to be an unofficial release that had nothing to do with Shueisha at all, but at least it was a good foreshadow! The company was officially established on February 16, 2022, having it’s initial line-up composed mostly of previously announced titles.

When the Company was first revealed, there were some talks in many communities about Shueisha Games being a good opportunity for them to stop relying on companies like Bandai Namco with licensed titles, but their announcement PR indicated they planned on taking a different path. Firstly, they developed the company in two main pipelines: Business Development 1, which would focus on finding and supporting talent through the expansion of the Game Creator Camp activities, and Business Development 2, which would focus in developing major games using Shueisha talent alongside industry leading companies. The plan, as seen, was not to use Shueisha properties, but instead, their talent and expertise. I believe that the best way to proceed is to look at how they implemented this plan in practice, with their announced games! But first, here is a small introduction of some key members of Shueisha Games:
  • Masami Yamamoto (Previously SIE/Japan Studios. Bloodborne, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice)
  • Tatsuya Suzuki (Previously SIE. Monkey King: Hero is Back, Freedom Wars, Tokyo Jungle)
  • Makoto Hayashi (Previously Polygon Magic, Delight Works Indies)
  • Michiharu Mori (Previously Apple Japan)​
  • Hidehito Kojima (Previously SIE, DeNa. Vib Ribbon, Patchwork Heroes, Final Fantasy Record Keeper)​
Now, without further ado, let's talk games!

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions

Shy boy Damien sets off on an adventure with his favorite Jump+ heroes! Tag up with each hero to unleash Power Combos and Assist Combos on your enemies. Overcome your fears and find your true self!
Developer: Momo-pi
Publisher: Shueisha Games
Platforms: Nintendo Switch (A Steam release is planned too!)
Release Date: July 28, 2022

Captain Velvet Meteor was the first game Shueisha Games released and is the one that completely breaks my “They don’t want Shueisha properties” discourse but I swear, this is the ‘odd’ one of the bunch! To understand this game background, we need first to know about Momo-pi previous title, Persephone, which was the winner of the Shueisha Shounen Jump+ Award at Google Play Indie Game Festival 2019. Because of Persephone, Shueisha and Momo-pi were linked. Momo-pi’s lead developer, Rinaldo Wirz had an old character called Captain Velvet Meteor (you can even check a 10 years old movie of the character on youtube!) and one thing lead to other. The game features 8 Jump+ series: Kaiju no.8, Heart Gear, Slime Life, Jigokuraku, Summer Time Rendering, Himesama “Goumon” no Jikan desu, Ghost Reaper Girl and Spy x Family. Although it does make use of Shueisha Ips, I think it is fair to say that this is pretty much an original work. I would like to recommend checking out the interview that the developer gave to IGN SEA, there they talk about the game and their previous job as an animator, working on both Dragon Quest XI and Star Fox Zero.

The game was featured on Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase (6.28.2022)

ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni

Kuuta and Kazemaru embark on the greatest challenge on Kisejima, a small island shrouded with the spirits of their kin. Their goal: to defeat Momotaro, evil incarnate. The story of a tiny sky and tiny wind, and the infinite dreams they share.
Developer: Kenei Design
Publisher: Clouded Leopard Entertainment
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Steam
Release Date: March 08, 2023

ONI is considered part of Business Development 1, but it applies greatly to the idea of Business Development 2. The game was first announced on BitSummit 2021 as a title being supported by the Game Creators CAMP, but Shueisha was not announced as the publisher, Clouded Leopard was the one doing the job instead. Why partner with Clouded Leopard if Shueisha Games was going to be established soon? Well, the first point is that Clouded Leopard is a Publisher made by ex-SIE employees; the game Producer, Masami Yamamoto, is an ex-SIE producer, and Kenei Hayama, the game Director, is a graduate from Playstation C.A.M.P (A Project that brought to life titles like Rain and Tokyo Jungle), so it is as if everyone was right at home, right? Of course, the good relationship between the parties might have helped the connection, but Clouded Leopard being a publisher with retail presence and expertise is vital to the game. Shueisha Games currently focuses themselves as a digital-only publisher, so having someone that can aid them with retail releases in select markets (like Japan!) is certainly of big help. Although Shueisha is not the publisher of the game, they still support it widely with expositions at events and other marketing activities! As an extra information, Kenei Hayama also worked for Mistwalker and was even credited in Fantasian, before leaving the company and going indie.

The game was featured on Nintendo Indie World 11.9.2022

Hatena no Tou - The Tower of Children / Arcana of Paradise - The Tower -

Choose from 20 children and perfect your deck as you battle against The Tower's bizarre inhabitants in real time! Your card's effects will change depending on their orientation, so you'll need to flip them on their heads to take overcome the trials that await. Time your guards, combo your attacks, charge up powerful magic, and collect legendary relics in your search for food, as you guide the children to the bottom!
Developer: Tatso Alpha
Publisher: Shueisha Games
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Steam
Release Date: April 20, 2023

Arcana of Paradise - The Tower - was announced on BitSummit 2021 as a title being supported by the Game Creators CAMP and planned to be published by Shueisha (at the time, Shueisha Games was yet to be established). This game came first came to fruition from the joint company Shueisha DeNa, being produced by Street Fighter former producer, Koichi Sugiyama (not that one!), and directed by Tom Ikeda, known for being the director of Lolipop Chainsaw and working under Yoshiro Kimura for years (Little King’s Story, Rule of Rose, Black Bird). This game is the first to put in practice the plan of using Shueisha talent, since Shindo Masaoki, the mangaka of Ruri Dragon, Jump newest success, is the character designer of it. Additionally, the game has a demo available for anyone willing to try it!

The game was featured on the Japanese Version of Nintendo Indie World 2022.11.10


Little trouble in Big Japano-verse! A bunch of gamer friends, turned into actual characters...? Explore the world of ""UKIYO"" as player ""Kai"" in Samurai Cat form, and solve the mystery of WHY HERE? and WHY US!?!
Developer: Seaknot Studios / FREAKY DESIGN Inc.
Publisher: Shueisha Games
Platforms: Steam, Xbox One (?) (More Platforms TBD)
Release Date: 2023

The last one in the initial lineup, Ukiyo is a game developed by the development studio Seaknot and design studio Freaky Design. The game was picked by Shueisha Games after winning the Visual Excellence Award and Shueisha Game Creators CAMP Award on BitSummit 2021. Kojima Eiji is the producer of the title. A nice little detail about this game is that the game programmer and Seaknot founder, Toru Hisai, worked as a software engineer on Nintendo of Europe for 3 years!

The game was Featured on Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2022


A full-fledged RPG with dynamic pixel-art animation and a hard-boiled story set in a near future. Enjoy a deep, strategic deckbuilding system that offers hundreds of hours of battles, training, and exploration!
Developer: ginolabo
Publisher: Shueisha Games
Platforms: Steam (Consoles TBD)
Release Date: 2023

SOULVARS differs from the other titles picked by Shueisha Games so far, since it was already self-published by ginolab on Android and iOS, with Shueisha Games only stepping up to make an enhanced port for PC and Consoles. One of the new features of the port is that the portrait and promotional art are being done by talented Managaka Usazaki Shiro, known for her work as the artist of the manga Act-Age. SOULVARS won multiple awards, including the Google Play Best of 2022 Indie Game Grand Prize, and developer ginolab already has a prequel, SOULVARS FATAL ERROR, in the works.

unVEIL the world

"I must reach the top… whatever happens."

A young girl gazes upon a gigantic tower, piercing the clouds.

Mysterious portals are said to be found within the tower. That an even greater secret lies in wait at its pinnacle.

An unexplained urge had grown within the girl over the years.

"I must reach the top... whatever happens."

Numerous adventurers have faced this challenge, yet none have claimed success.

The girl sets off, her first steps in a long and perilous journey.
Developer: Shueisha Games / NetEase Games
Publisher: NetEase Games
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: TBD

unVEIL the world is a partnership between Shueisha Games and NetEase Games for Mobile platforms, being the first game of the Business Development 2 pipeline. The game features beautiful artwork and character design done by Demizu Posuka, the artist behind the art of the popular manga series The Promised Neverland. Unfortunately, there isn’t much additional information about the game right now.

Urban Myth Dissolution Center

Curses, carpet stains, other dimensions. Are you ready for the truth!?

Join the Urban Myth Dissolution Center, founded to investigate curses, creatures and anomalies. Take myths apart as Azami Fukurai, under the hypervision of Ayumu Meguriya, psychic and Center Director!
Developer: Hakababunko
Publisher: Shueisha Games
Platforms: Android, iOS, Steam
Release Date: TBD

Urban Myth Dissolution Center is being developed by Hakababunko, the developer of Makoto Wakaido's Case Files which won Google Indie Games Festival 2021 TOP10 and Shueisha Game Creators Camp Award. The game was announced on BitSummit 2022.

Schrödinger's Call

Hello, this is Mary. The last voice you'll talk to.

In a world devoid of human life, you awaken as Mary, the last ear to listen, the last voice to speak. Forsaken souls seek your help over numerous calls, in a desperate attempt to regain the feelings they've lost.
Developer: Acrobatic Chirimenjyako
Publisher: Shueisha Games
Platforms: Android, iOS, Steam
Release Date: TBD

Schrödinger's Call won the Creators Game CAMP’s GAME BBQ vol.1 contest and was picked for publishing by Shueisha Games. The game was announced on BitSummit 2022. As a small piece of extra info, some of the developers of Acrobatic Chirimenjyako work for room6.

Another game, defined as a "Multiplayer Speed Trick Action Game" was teased to be in development alongside a major Japanese Publisher/Developer, under the Business Development 2 pipeline, but this game is yet to be announced so it was, of course, not included.

Hope you were able to enjoy the read! Feel free to comment on feedback or anything related! I will try to keep updating this thread in the future!
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Manga Board Game

The only project I left out of the original post is the Manga Board Game. The reason for letting it out was because it does not fit the Forum theme (at least I have never seen anyone talk about Board Games here :p) and because it is only being released in Japan, so there is even less to talk about. This is probably the closest that Shueisha Games will get of using Shueisha major IPs in the near future. Anyway, you can check Shueisha Games website for more information on both Bleach: Songs of the Soul and One Piece: Vivre Rush or check the PV released by Shueisha Games on their Japanese Youtube channel.

Just a few hours after I created the thread, Shueisha Games announced two major changes to one of their titles. The first one being that "The Tower - To the Bottom - (Working Title)" finally dropped the (Working Title) part of it's name and is now officially called "Arcana of Paradise -The Tower-"! This change only affect the western name, with the Japanese title still being "Hatena no Tou - The Tower of Children - (ハテナの塔 -The Tower of Children-)". The second change was the announcement that the game release date was delayed from January 19, 2023 to April 20, 2023. The delay affect both releases, of course.

Fantastic work on the OPs, great choice of publisher as well, although I will admit I had to look up its parent company to see what they publish, particularly in terms of manga if they did ever decide to ditch Bandai Namco & go it alone. But near enough the first thing you see on its main page is well...don't worry, won't post anything unsafe for work or that might cause offence (tell me if it does). However its worth noting that, amongst the usual & troubling focus on young women in such magazines, credit to them for publishing Ryoko Hirosue Photo Book C'est la Vie;
Ryoko Hirosue comments:
To be honest, I never thought I would publish a photo book at my age. It was a challenge that required a lot of courage and determination, but I hope that people will see Hirosue as she really is, and that both men and women will think, "Ah, maybe aging isn't so bad after all! I would be very happy if people could see Hirosue as she is and think, "Ah, maybe aging is not such a bad thing!
Although the DeepL translation of the fall/winter issue of MyAge 2022 leaves me conflicted. Its certainly...intense stuff, yet problematic in the immense pressure it places on mature women.
The cover of the Fall/Winter issue features Yuki Uchida, making her first appearance in MyAge. She talks about her secret muscle training routine while walking and sitting, how positive thinking affects her body, and why she is still as beautiful and healthy as ever in her late 40s.

The opening feature is "The Complete Method for Improving Pain, Beautiful Buttocks, and Beautiful Legs: Lower Body Strength in Your 40s and Beyond!
Problems with the legs and hips increase at an accelerating rate from around the age of 40s. Lower back and knee pain, sagging hips, and fat legs are all caused by a decline in lower body strength.
This 28-page book provides a complete method, including exercises to reduce pain by toning the skeletal structure and muscles, pelvic squats to achieve a beautiful buttocks, and lymphatic drainage exercises to prevent swelling.

Let's aim for a "pain-free, soft, and clean-looking lower body" so that you can stay young and healthy forever!
Gosh! Yet also pause for thought. So where were we...right, OP highlighting interesting, original videogames from a new publishing initiative. Noticed there's also a connection of Onion Games on its main staff page as well. Figured you'd update after seeing the new title & release date, link below for people who'd like more context, as @ktpoison mentioned there's a Steam demo.
“Pushing the release date was necessary to ensure that Arcana of Paradise: The Tower lives up to the expectations of our fans and partners,” said Shueisha Games executive officer and executive producer Masami Yamamoto in a press release. “Tasto Alpha, and we know this will make for a better game, and we look forward to everyone’s journey to the bottom of the tower beginning this April.”

Source: Gematsu
Personally I'd have kept the subtitle The Tower of Children with the new title (so Arcana of Paradise: The Tower of Children). Engrish be damned its evocative & helps explain more of the concept than now, giving off unfortunate, AAA focus group word salad vibes. One last thing I would say at this early stage (will follow how it develops & if they games fulfil their potential) & perhaps this is the manga publishing side influencing is that all the games have fantastic key art. Got me thinking it would be great if they some more Japanese titles with fixed camera angles & pre-rendered background once again. Think Baiten Kaitos on Gamecube. SIE involvement has me wondering if they can license rescue anything or make spiritual successors to games they'd worked on previously at some point down the line. On the second post about, Manga Board Game, a RPG Time The Legend of Wright type video-game adaptation could work. (edit: typos)
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Fantastic work on the OPs, great choice of publisher as well, although I will admit I had to look up its parent company to see what they publish, particularly in terms of manga if they did ever decide to ditch Bandai Namco & go it alone. But near enough the first thing you see on its main page is well...don't worry, won't post anything unsafe for work or that might cause offence (tell me if it does).
I assume you're talking about Young Jump Cover featuring a gravure idol, right? Well, this type of thing is common in magazines that have Male demography as the focus, but, believe me or not, Shueisha actually have strictier rules regarding this type of imagery in their Shounen magazines (Weekly Shounen Jump, Jump SQ., etc). Some might say that they are even too strict, leaving '3D models' out of the magazine in any way for 18 years once (and even then, it was only a small section of the magazine, instead of the cover image like most magazine do). Other magazines that aims for the very same demography, like Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine, usually often have no qualms in featuring gravure models. Weekly Young Jump, specifically, is a Seinen magazine, so it aims at older men, and hold themselves a lot less in featuring this type of content. It goes without saying, but as general entertainment (book/magazine) publisher Shueisha have/had some other publicatitions that are/were...hmm...spicier?... Anyway, going any further in this subject (and the cutlural differences related to it) is a personal NG for me.
Noticed there's also a connection of Onion Games on its main staff page as well.
Yes, both Tom Ikeda and Takuma Okubo, the founders of Tatso Alpha (Arcana of Paradise devs), are Onion Games alumni. Tom Ikeda, more notably, followed Onion Games founder, Yoshiro Kimura, for a long time. First started as a planner on Rule of Rose, then went with Kimura to Marvelous, being once again in the planning team of Little King's Story (and Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility), and even followed Kimura to work on Grasshopper, which... was, well... a very short stay for Kimura... but Tom Ikeda got to work on Shadow of the Damned and even got a directional debut with Lolipop Chainsaw. Ikeda eventually helped Kimura to establish Onion games and worked in all of their titles until leaving in 2018 to start Tatso Alpha in 2019. Tatso Alpha also won the Shueisha Game Creators CAMP One Piece Award and are working in the One Piece Mobile Spin-off that I mentioned that Bandai Namco is planning to publish, but this project is being lead by Yo Nakamori, an ex-Konami, Spike Chunsoft and DMM employee that have more expertise in mobile games, working in titles like Fantasy Life Online in the past.
SIE involvement has me wondering if they can license rescue anything or make spiritual successors to games they'd worked on previously at some point down the line.
Ex-SIE producers that are now leading Shueisha Games were seemsly more involved in the actual (executive) production part than creatively (that's my guess, at least), but due to their connections, we might have more returning faces from Game Yarooze/Playstation C.A.M.P eventually (or so I hope)! Tokyo Jungle's Yohei Kataoka could be a good name. Having Japan Studio soul still alive through indies is sure nice though! RPG Time, that you later cited in your message, is a good example of that, since Tom Fuji is a Playstation C.A.M.P alumni as well!
Wasn't my intention to distract, background detail & insight is appreciated though. Full disclosure, as someone with weight problems & body issues the publications I highlighted stood out to me. However blood red NG duly noted, else I end up like a murder victim in the Spirit Hunter series. Never understood what happened at Grasshopper Manufacture, that whole period leading up people coming & going, before it was acquired by Gungho Online Entertainment, more drama, the split between Supertrick Games & Netease Games. Could make a soap out of it.

You're clearly far more knowledgable about this subject than me, but someone from the studio that would seem like a good fit at Shueisha Games is Akira Ueda, who left Grasshopper Manufacture to run Audio Inc., they could remaster Contact & Sakura Note: Ima ni Tsunagaru Mirai (rights permitting). Noticed while still producing music for soundcloud they sometimes reply on twitter & youtube in English, has expressed his desire to finish SPACE*AGENCY & Contact2 will last forever too. Until it is realised...good to see that recently stated he's still exploring possibilities to make games once more. Anyway back to Shueisha Games, the One Piece Award & mobile game, could be a tentative start to further manga/anime projects.

Even if the former Japan Studio developers are from the producer side of things, will have played a role in shaping the kinds of projects made, kinda like the former External Development Team at Santa Monica Studio that went to Annapurna Games. So they may well be key to facilitating the creative process as well, may even have led it, such as Producer Hiroyuki Kotani first spotted a design by French artist Rolito that would serve as the inspiration for Patapon (PlayStation Blog). Great article on there about Loco Roco as well, both remind me of Iwata Asks. (edit: noticed typos)

SIE has licensed The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition & Fantasvision202X to Q-Games & Cosmo Machia respectively (plus Amplitude to Harmonix some years back) so perhaps a new licensing policy is in place & there's more on the way. Patchwork Heroes would be the one for me, was hoping for a PS4 remaster to go along with Loco Roco 1/2 & Patapon 1/2 (shame we never got the 3rd title), always liked Rain by Acquire too. Always surprised me that Japan Studio never followed up Tokyo Jungle considering it sold well at retail in Japan, could've been a series in different cities. Osaka Jungle. Kyoto Jungle. The possibilities are endless. But yeah, keen to see how the existing line up shape up n 2023, ONI & Ukiyo being the stand outs for me.
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May 2023 Update

To the World, and Beyond​

The sky sparkles with stars and ideas.
We help you reach higher
Help you reach wider
To the world, and beyond.​
Famitsu Sales: Week 17, 2023 (Apr 17 - Apr 23)
21./00. [NSW] Arcana of Paradise: The Tower # <SLG> (Shueisha) {2023.04.20} (¥3.182) - 1.698 / NEW <40-60%>
First Shipment Estimates: 2.830 - 4.245
Houston we have sales liftoff! ONI sales were mightily divided between three SKUs meaning it just missed the Famitsu top 30 *COPIUM OD* but second time around, going Switch only enabled the children to celebrate turning 21 in the sales chart by getting completely lashed on the megacity town. However before we get onto the latest of all things Shueisha, we have to remind people that haven't been paying close attention of what has been going on with its previous title since it was launched in March, quoting my previous remarks to set the mighty scene:

'On the more wholesome subject of ONI Ramblers, the Shueisha Games x EPIGrasm/CAMP revival is a cool initiative, gotta stick with it long term until they eventually succeed.
The birth of an apprentice.

Well, it is a bit rude to call him a disciple, but Hayama, a great designer, made his debut.

Source: Hironobu Sakaguchi (via DeepL Translation)
Especially if they get more endorsements from major figures like Hironobu Sakaguchi who humbly asked people not to refer to ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni director & KENEI DESIGN founder & namesake, Kenei Hayama as his disciple in response to a feature tracing his early career path back to Mistwalker. Need to get the word out on the latest patches for the Steam version mind, such as the multiple frame rate options, including uncapped cause it'll take more than a couple free costumes to overturn that nasty ass negative rating. Red Art Games has the international retail version coming out in early April so there's another chance to plug it.'

Now onto unfinished, safe for work research business to attend, did you know that Hitotsubashi Group is a Keiretsu, the 'replacement' for the Zaibatsu? All of which is a fancy way of saying the Iron Fist Tournament military-industrial complex & its myriad of vertical, horizontal, social-political-whatever-ocal yokai-yokel interests were never fully dissolved by the American occupation because anti-communist social democracy reasons. However for the purposes of our silly, ignorant video gamey investigations, all we need to know is that you can't handle the truth, because Shueisha Games is part of Shueisha, which is part of Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions (ShoPro), which is part of Good Ol' Ōga Boys' Network, Hitotsubashi Group. Interesting...(edit: typos!)

But enough of that! Houston we got PATCH NOTES to go along with the free post-launch DLC that addresses many of the Shamefully Negative Steam Reviews with a plethora of QOL improvements & myriad of PC settings! They wisely used this opportunity to summarise all of the changes that have been made since launch, the highlights of which I've quoted below:
Version 1.06 for Steam (4/24/2023)
・Icon added to mark location of stone monuments from a distance.
The following adjustments have been made to enhance gameplay while hunting for spirits, as well as when Kuron appears:
- When a spirit is nearby, Kazemaru’s dialogue bubble will appear.
- Sequence when delivering a spirit to a Jizo shortened (*Jizo’s dialogue skipped after the 2nd delivery).
- Kuron’s spawn rate adjusted.
- Icon added to show location of Jizo while holding a spirit.
- Icon added to show location of Keystone when Kuron appears.
・Amount of time required to activate a special move reduced.
・Amount of time for an acquired Mushroom to restore health reduced.
・Price of Kibidango reduced from 10 to 5 Mushrooms, while price of Onigiri reduced from 20 to 10 Mushrooms.
・Font size of text on the field and on the Diary menu screen adjusted.

・Screen Resolution selection added to the OPTIONS menu, allowing players to select from 1280 x 720 / 1920 x 1080 / 2560 x 1440 / 3840 x 2160 screen resolutions (*Default setting is 1920 x 1080).
Fantastic stuff, now we need to get the word out so that people give the game another chance, an ideal title to play on your new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED.

Patch 1.0.2 Updates, Bug Fixes & Known Issues (25/04/23)
Children That Have Entered The Halls of the Arcana Can Now Undergo Awakenings

Before this patch, children that had entered The Halls of the Arcana were unable to undergo an awakening or gain access to their awakened skill even if their affinity reached 100. After looking at a lot of the feedback we’ve decided to allow children in The Halls of the Arcana to undergo awakenings and unlock their awakened skill. We believe that this will improve the gameplay experience and improve access to achievements.
*We intend to make this update on the Nintendo Switch version in the near future.
Hang in there unawakened Switch owners, in the near future your children will be able to enter The Halls of the Arcana to unlock their awakened skill so keep maxing out that affinity!!!! While the Output Strategy OP is already super awesome, here's some more links you can add to it @ktpoison if you want to combine our super powers for the good of niche humanity.
Out Now
CY 2023 (Release Date TBC)
[Steam] Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions (Momo-pi) {2023.xx.xx}
[Steam] Soulvars <RPG> (ginolabo) {2023.xx.xx} Console Platforms TBC
[Steam] Ukiyo (Seaknot Studios/FREAKY DESIGN Inc.) {2023.xx.xx} Console Platforms TBC
Release Year TBC
[[iOS/Android/Steam] Schrödinger's Call <ADV> (Acrobatic Chirimenjako) {xxxx.xx.xx}
[Steam] Urban Myth Dissolution Center <ADV> (Hakababunko) {xxxx.xx.xx}
Top of the Range Merch FoSho
ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni, Episode Zero - 4 part manga, prequel by Hideki Takahashi available digitally on MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA.
Jun Fukuda - ARCANA OF PARADISE —The Tower— Original Sound Track (Gemini Breeze LLC) Digital Download
If all that Super Shueisha Games Goodness is still not enough for you because you've already completed all three games, including multiple play-throughs of Captain Velvert Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions on Switch as you couldn't wait for the Steam port, then why not check out the previous title from Momo-pi - Persephone on NSW/XB1/Steam? Studio director mentioned on their (personal) twitter account they're looking for a publisher its Bit Summit 2016 Dengeki PlayStation Media Highlight Award Winning Spirit...sign 'em up, thats the Spirit!
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Thank you for the detailed post with both Game and Sales updates, @KR_EP. I was planning to update the thread soon, but unfortunately time is a bit scarce for me in the last few months. I threadmarked your post and will add the eShop rankings for the released games as well:

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions {2022.07.28}
Nintendo Switch eShop Charts: Week 30, 2022 (Jul 18 - Jul 31)
593./00. Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions {2022-07-28} (JPY 2500.0)
ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni {2023.03.09}
Nintendo Switch eShop Charts: Week 9, 2023 (Feb 20 - Mar 05, 2023)
391./00. ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni {2023-03-09} (JPY 3850.0) [preorder] (is 10% off)

Nintendo Switch eShop Charts: Week 10, 2023 (Feb 27 - Mar 12, 2023)
104./391. ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni {2023-03-09} (JPY 3850.0) (was 10% off)

Nintendo Switch eShop Charts: Week 11, 2023 (Mar 06 - Mar 19, 2023)
112./104. ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni {2023-03-09} (JPY 3850.0) (was 10% off)
Arcana of Paradise: The Tower {2023.04.20}
Nintendo Switch eShop Charts: Week 16, 2023 (Apr 10 - Apr 23, 2023)
80./00. Arcana of Paradise -The Tower- {2023-04-20} (JPY 2500.0)

As reported by Gematsu, Soulvars info has surfaced on Xbox Store, confirming at least one of the platforms of the game.

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Won't be long...Soul Vars XBOX Achievements were a sign, that Shueisha Games don't quit cause there's plenty more where that comes from. Release Date announced at the Indie Expo.
[NSW/PS4/PS5/XB1/XBS/Steam/EGS] Soulvars <RPG> (ginolabo) {2023.06.27} Console Platforms TBCONFIRMED!!!!
SUCCESS! Meanwhile Ye Ol' GamesIndustry has been on the stylish case with not one but two interviews, first with Shueisha Games' overall indie grand strategy, then with developer Momo-pi.

Shueisha Games' quest to become the "Japanese Devolver”
Indie publisher’s Michiharu Mori and John Davis on working on IP old and new, and avoiding being pigeonholed by Marie Dealessandri Deputy Editor (published May 2, 2023)

"We want to have a nice catalogue of games that showcases different artists and just not necessarily tied to the IPs that Shueisha owns. Of course, if we can find somebody that's going to do something really interesting with the IP, like Captain Velvet, then we'll go for that. But you won't see us making an indie Dragon Ball game.” - John Davis (PR Manager & Bit Summit co-founder)

Michiharu Mori (executive officer, director of marketing and corporate) adds: "This is based on the company – Shueisha is always investing in manga artists. So, developing new IPs from manga, this is the same model; we're investing in game artists. We make new IPs from games. This is the same company culture.
Indie spirit in Japan and Switzerland: Rinaldo Wirz on captaining Momo-pi
We talk to the co-founder about cross-cultural experiences, indie development in Japan as a foreign developer, and working on Shueisha IP by Alicia Haddick Contributor (published May 9, 2023)

"The first prototype we made in 2016 was about exploration, beauty, ambience, and we earned some prizes from it, including from Bitsummit here in Japan. Every project we’ve done we try to find ways to get experience for Spirit. With Velvet Meteor it was about narration and battles. Spirit is the dream game, and when we make that, we’ll have new ideas and dreams for the next one." - Rinaldo Wirz (Momo-pi Creative Director & Co-Founder)
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Introducing Crunchyroll Game Vault: River City Girls, Captain Velvet Meteor and More Free for Crunchyroll Members
Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery, Wolfstride and more lead the lineup for Mega and Ultimate fans​
Been a minute but with a glimpse of an English localisation for Urban Myth Dissolution Centre to accompany its Switch announcement in the latest Nintendo Indie World, here's the latest:
Video Games Plus will handle distribution in North America, while Red Art Games will handle distribution in Europe. Both the North American and European versions can be pre-ordered from Video Games Plus and Red Art Games now, respectively.

In addition to the standard edition, which will be available everywhere once it launches, a special edition can also be pre-ordered exclusively from Red Art Games’ official online store for €39.99. It includes a copy of the game, exclusive sleeve featuring alternate cover art, double-sided poster, and a print copy of the prequel manga Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions – The Beginning.

To celebrate the release of Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions on Nintendo Switch, we just released a one-shot manga drawn by Masato Ichishiki on the Manga Plus app! Read it for free in English.


cause TAKAHASHI HIDEKI was feeling left out.​
Soul Vars. Post-launch patches from the studio is response to feedback, might be worth the publisher reviewing its testing & QA processes as ONI & Soul Vars had avoidable issues at launch.
Summary of updates (up to v1.3.0)
In response to the various comments from users of the trial version and the full version, we have made a series of updates from the perspective of QoL Quality of Life to enhance playability and understanding of the game system, and to make it more comfortable.

We hope you will enjoy our new PRG! Burn Your Soul!! [PRG huh? Typo or Burning Hot New Acronym? 🙃 ]
7/25/2023(JST) SOULVARS Update Notice!
■Addition of tutorial drones.
We have added tutorial drones in various locations to give you tips.
■Addition of notices when obtaining KARMA rewards.
A notification mark will now appear in MENU > DDO NaviMenu > KARMA when there is a KARMA that has not yet acquired a reward.
■Changing rules for opening tutorial items.
The rules for opening items in MENU > DDO NaviMenu > TUTORIAL have been revised so that each item can be viewed from the beginning.
■Improvement of using the space key.
The space key, which was previously only used to make selections during battles, can now be used to make decisions in other operations as well.
■Adjustment of some balance.
Balance adjustments have been made to some strong enemies and encounter rates.
■Fixed other problems including text.
The problem of text misalignment during translation has been fixed.

Battle System Tutorial Video in-game implementation
YouTube™ Video: How to check TUTORIALS / GLOSSARY
Views: 11 😭
Joint Development Projects
We are engaged in game planning and development in collaboration with domestic and overseas game companies. By combining the Shueisha Group's expertise in creating world building, characters, and stories with the game development technology and operational know-how of our partners, we aim to create a game experience that can only be realized through collaboration.
Example Title unVEIL the World
Development and Investment

We provide comprehensive development / publishing support for attractive game projects created by both domestic and international creators, including financial investment, development support, publishing, and advertising. By working with a team of producers with extensive experience in the game industry, we aim to deliver new games that have yet to be seen to as many users as possible by providing support that enables creativity-oriented game production.
Example Title(s) PROJECT SURVIVAL, Urban Myth Dissolution Center
[Steam] PROJECT SURVIVAL (Magnus Game Studio) {xxxx.xx.xx} *studio based in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia*
[Steam] Re:Legend <RPG> (Magnus Game Studio/505 Games) {2022.09.06}
'Re:Legend is a Simulation-RPG that is heavily inspired by classics such as Rune Factory, Digimon World, Fantasy Life and Monster Rancher series.

Conceptualization of Re:Legend began in 2016 and it quickly became the most funded project on Kickstarter in South East Asia. It was also selected by the SEC to be published on its platform after it received 99% upvotes, making it the most voted game.

Re:Legend will be published by 505 Games and will be available on Steam, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.'*
*No recent mention of PS/Xbox/NSW versions & 505 Games parent company Digital Bros. is currently reducing its workforce by 30%. Here's a summary of this crowdfunded (shit)show *

Re:Legend - Co-op Monster-Raising RPG
7,385 backers pledged S$ 630,700 to help bring this project to life.​
Monthly Update #54: 1.0 Roadmap & Backer Rewards. September 25, 2022

^ NSW/PS4/XB1 Kickstarter Backers: well, we're waiting.gif
Monthly Update #55: New Magnus & Bug Fixes. October 25, 2022
‘In order to release quality patches, we will only be rolling them out once they have been properly tested, as we continue to work on improving the quality of the game. We have a couple of patches scheduled in the pipeline - so watch this space!

Beyond bug fixes and patch updates, we are receiving many requests from console backers wishing to switch to a PC version of the game. If you wish to do this, please send us an email and we will be able to assist you. Your email should contain your Kickstarter credentials, so that we can verify your pledge level. If you require further assistance, then please don’t hesitate to drop us an email.’
No update since then & yet to find more info on the console ports from Magnus or 505Games. Years late with the last update failing to address the latest on the console versions but offering to change to a PC code is a bad look. All told, not sure about Shueisha Games signing this studio without either the developer or publisher addressing & resolving this issue.

Urban Myth Dissolution Center" is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024, announced in Indie World Showcase* 11.14.2023 by
@NintendoAmerica // @NintendoEurope *timestamped YT link with brief glimpse of English localisation*
Embark on an eerie journey, unravelling chilling anomalies and cursed artefacts!​

Urban Myth Dissolution Centre Communications Vol. 1

Hakababunko had its latest title MAKOTO WAKAIDO’s Case Files TRILOGY DELUXE published by room6 last month on both Switch & Steam.​
In-House Development / New Projects
Shueisha Games takes the lead in planning and developing its own games along with new businesses related to games in collaboration with developers and creators. We aim to create new ventures that can only be undertaken by a game business company of the Shueisha Group.

Game Creators Camp
Game Creators CAMP is a platform for game creators to gather, interact, and create new works.
It is operated by Shueisha, with Shueisha Games operational support.
Worth looking at the Game Pitch Base tab for the latest on titles such as ANTHEM no.9 which I've covered before plus more. Oh & the (Japanese only) news page has swanky office pics.
Late Edit: Steam pages for ANTHEM no.9 (confirmed to be published by Shueisha Games) & Schrödinger's Call went up after posting the above. Added links for both games below:

[Steam] ANTHEM no.9 <RPG> (koeda) {xxxx.xx.xx}
[iOS/Android/Steam] Schrödinger's Call <ADV> (Acrobatic Chirimenjako) {xxxx.xx.xx}

We have created a one-minute introduction video for ANTHEM#9, a game in development. Please take a look!
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