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Sales of the "Picross e" games on the 3DS totaled 680K copies



probably not the most exciting sales update but it's not everyday we get picross sales figures :)
Less than 100.000 copies per game… that’s a shame. Hope they get a lot more from the Switch versions
I'm not a fan of the pricing structure of the S+ rereleases. Then again, I'd also prefer to have a nice packaged compilation of the standard Picross S games, but I don't know if it'll happen. Despite the lower sales numbers on their face, the nature of Griddlers/Nonograms/Picross means that the cost of development wouldn't have been particularly high going from entry to entry, so I imagine the numbers are rather good where Jupiter's bottom line is concerned. With the mobile era making these kinds of games free and easily accessible, even this amount is hard to dismiss as respectable, I think.
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