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Rules, Guidelines, and the Moderation Ladder

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Breaking things
Hello all,

After some restructuring, we have moved rules and guidelines to its own dedicated page found here: Rules.
It can also be found at the footer of the page.

In addition, in response to the survey responses we have received, I would like to reiterate the moderation ladder that can be found here.

Regular members
  1. First level: Warning
  2. Second level: 3 days-ban
  3. Third level: 1-month
  4. Fourth level: Permaban
Junior members
  1. First level: Warning
  2. Second level: 1-week ban
  3. Third level: Permaban
We have been using this system since October 2022 and in general we have received positive feedback for it. Please note that not every infraction warrents using the ladder.

Please direct any feedback to the Community Discussion and Moderation Feedback thread, or via the ticket system.
Not open for further replies.
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