Pokémon Sleep: $100M earned before its 1st year anniversary [mobile]



Reaching the $100 million mark has come predominantly from Japanese players whi have, according to AppMagic estimates, spent $73 million on Pokémon Sleep since July 17th, 2023.

Players in the US have contributed another $15 million - a distant second but far ahead of third-place Taiwan's $4 million.

As for downloads, Sleep has gathered an estimated 9.8 million dozers, 44% of whom are based in Japan. Again the US follows in sexons and Taiwan in third, with 17% and 7% of installs respectively, showing a slightly more even distribution than on the revenue front.

Nothing compared to the huge Pokémon GO revenues but still good for such a non-game

Bodes well for the WAY more engaging TCG mobile project announced for later in the year
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