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Nintendo has changed how they label their fiscal years when you search for earnings releases, probably happened in FY3/2023 during April 2022.


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This is undoubtedly, the biggest thread of the year. Even bigger than the retread of the mysterious Sega Super Genesis 32 console. This news is going to change everything.

While I was checking the earnings releases for the previous fiscal years to get data for my current work in progress, I was thinking about how I would have to search for FY2016 in the "search period" search bar to find the fiscal year ending March 2017 because for some reason Nintendo labelled their fiscal years as the year when they start (in April) and not when they end (in March). You will find I even mentioned this in one of my first threads back in October 2021: https://www.installbaseforum.com/fo...ails-regarding-financial-results-threads.201/

Here's the quote where I specifically mentioned it from that thread:
It is recommended that you write not just the fiscal year but also the month the fiscal year ends in. I've heard it before, you went to the Sony or Nintendo IR page to look at earnings releases and they had it grouped by financial year written as FY20 or FY2020 for example. Without the month given you do not know the 12 month period it is covering. You might not even be aware that one of those companies is listing FY2020 for when the fiscal year starts i.e. Starts April 2020 and ends March 2021 and the other company listing FY2020 is referring to the end of the previous fiscal year i.e. Starts April 2019 and ends March 2020. This is true, go search through IR pages of the different gaming companies and you will spot this.

So back then in October 2021, if you had done what I had said and checked both the Sony and Nintendo IR pages, you would have noticed that difference. Nintendo was the one listing FY2020 as the fiscal year ending March 2021.

See this Wayback Machine screenshot which illustrates the point:

The text in the grey box says FY 2016 (ending March 2017).
Compare that to when you search for the Fiscal Year ending March 2017 from their site now: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/library/earnings/index.html?year=2017


The text in the grey box now says FY2017 (ended March 31, 2017).
Enough of a difference to notice a few things, like the FY and the year 20XX no longer being spaced apart and the ending date of the year now being specified to the day of the month.

I then used the Wayback machine to find out at what point did this change occur, the short answer is probably in April 2022 when their new fiscal year started. Here are the screenshots that will show it.

If you try searching the earnings release page within the last few years, it will happen to show the future at its earnings/index.html, of course the Wayback Machine was never showing FY2023 back in 2021. Use the "Select Period" search bar and select a fiscal year such as seen in the screenshot below.


So when selecting FY 2021, it will say the fiscal year ends March 2022. Ignore the FY2022 being displayed in the grey box. It is meant to say FY 2021 which is what it was supposed to say back then, that is again a bug with the Wayback machine from displaying as I said... the future:


To prove this, compare the image where the Search Period search bar says FY 2021 from the Wayback Machine:

To the current Nintendo earnings release page: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/library/earnings/index.html?year=2021


Now you can spot the difference, they both say FY2021 but the years where they end is different.

So the next part is showing when this change occurred. The funny thing is that the Wayback machine slowed down the amount of times it crawled through that page so there are only two key dates available from the Wayback Machine, November 17 2021:

It couldn't load the whole page but there's one part you should pay attention to because it has been consistent with all of the other images I have posted above that displays the following text:
*Since the financial results briefing has been changed to a conference call from the end of FY2019, “Supplementary Information about Earnings Release”, “Outline” and “Presentation Material” have been transferred to “Financial Results Explanatory Material. ”

Now let's take a look at the other key date mentioned that the Wayback machine captured, April 12th 2022:

As you can see, by April 12th 2022 the FY labelling had changed. Now when you click FY2021 for the Search Period, it will now display FY2021 and the date that FY2021 ends (March 2021). You have probably noticed something else also changed on the page, it's just above the search period:
*Since the financial results briefing has been changed to a conference call from the end of FY2020, “Supplementary Information about Earnings Release”, “Outline” and “Presentation Material” have been transferred to “Financial Results Explanatory Material. ”

Now you can see it says FY2020 instead of FY2019, which means they were referring to the fiscal year that ended on March 31st, 2020.

And the Wayback machine links for the key dates I mentioned are here:

So the lingering question is, why did they change how they label their fiscal years? And that is a question you could probably ask them at their Annual General Meeting Q&A if you are a shareholder.
Another label change I have noticed, a small change. New


(They publish Dark Souls)
This is another change in labels I have noticed.

While I was looking at the earnings release for the 1st quarter FY3/23, I had already seen the earnings releases for the previous fiscal years and so I noticed something:


The left-half of the image above is from the 4th Quarter Earnings release for FY3/22, the right-half of the image is from the 1st Quarter Earnings release for FY3/23. You'll notice that in the left-half that the first line under the date says Nintendo Switch (Total) and then Hardware to the right of it in small print. In the right-half of the image they have changed it to just saying Nintendo Switch and then below it is Hardware (Total) in larger font with the rest of the Switch models below being indented to indicate as belonging to that block. The Software and New titles headers are now larger in font too and spaced further away from the data.

Edit: Also, the New Titles row has a longer line above it.

That's all, just a small change I noticed.
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