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Nintendo FYQ1 Predictions, Results in the OP

Right in the middle of the pack on predictions. Better then my last attempt nice.

Just for fun I am going to do a few early precictions for Q2.

Hardware - 3M
Software - 42.50M
TOTK - 4.5M(23.01M)
Pikmin 4- 3.9M
Pikmin 2- 1.1M(LTD as launched in june)
Pikmin 1- 1.02M(LTD as launcher in june)

Q2 software normally is larger then Q1 but 18.51M from a single game and a 1.3 billion blockbuster movie boosting your main IP is kinda hard to top and Q2 only really has Pikmin 4. So with hardware dropping from Q1, no TOTK launch sales and Mario movie effect dying down will drop sales.

But Pikmin 4 is going to be the second biggest Nintendo launch quarter of the year(so far and both FY and CY) by a large margin and TOTK will still sell several million.

"All those predicting around 4.5 million for hardware got screwed by Nintendo shipping far fewer than they sold-through, Switch sold-through a tiny bit more than April to June 2021 (FY22 below) when they shipped 4.45 million. All sales data from Circana, NPD and Famitsu were pointing to easily over 4 million."

I was robbed 😭

Anyways if they sold through a lot of excess stock from Q4....I suppose that bodes well for Q2 shipments. I see a lot of people expecting 2Mish but I think it will be closer to 3M. Mario Wonder also launches three weeks from the end of the quarter so I wonder if some boosted shipments might go out at the end of the quarter in preperation?
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