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Nintendo Fiscal Year Million-Seller Titles from FY3/2004 to FY3/2023 - Up to 181 titles in the special page


(They publish Dark Souls)
As usual, you will have to go to my webpage to view all the data: https://r134x7.github.io/nintendo-earnings-data-and-other-video-game-companies/#/nintendo

I really can't try posting 181 titles in this OP.

The webpage is updated with this new data, I have not updated the data sources for all the fiscal years prior to FY3/2017 yet. All the data sources do come from the Nintendo IR page whether it's the English version or the Japanese version.

To clarify again what has changed:
- You can view FY Million-Seller Titles from FY3/2004 to FY3/2023 when searching by fiscal year.
- You can view all million sellers in the special page depending on the region.
- The million sellers tables in the special page are now like the Capcom Platinum Titles Special page, you'll see when you look at the tables.
- The FY Million-Seller titles for FY3/2017 to FY3/2019 has been updated with the 3DS titles for those years.
- Titles with multiple platforms are not combined. e.g. Zelda Twilight Princess.

If you are wondering about the title labelled Famicom Mini 1, here is the source for that title: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/n08/fmk/index.html

There is also a JP wiki for that further explains it but it seems I forgot the link.

That is all for the latest update.
I have updated the webpage with the data sources from FY3/2004 to FY3/2017. When you check the FY million-seller titles for FY3/2005 and FY3/2006 there will be footnotes at the end of the tables regarding how many million-seller titles there were for that year.

From FY3/2004 to FY3/2007 3rd Quarter the information regarding million-seller titles was only available from the Japanese versions of the financial results briefing materials. Before FY3/2007 they did not list all the million-seller titles for a fiscal year, and they only gave worldwide numbers. Also, for some reason in one of those fiscal years before FY3/2007 they did not give cumulative/life-to-date numbers.
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