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Microsoft Will Be Debating Right Now Whether Xbox Consoles Have a Future, Says Peter Moore


Peter Moore is convinced Microsoft will be discussing right now whether Xbox consoles have a future. Why should we care what Peter Moore thinks? He knows a thing or two about video game consoles. As president of Sega America, Moore was in the room when Sega killed the Dreamcast and went third-party. Then, as boss of Xbox, he oversaw the Xbox 360, contending with everything from the red ring of death debacle to over-the-top E3 presentations. Yes, Peter Moore is that video game executive who got a Halo 2 tattoo on his arm just to flex Microsoft's muscle during the console war. Then, after Microsoft (and another tattoo, this time to promote GTA 4's launch on Xbox), Moore joined Electronic Arts to run EA Sports and the gargantuan FIFA series. In short, Moore knows what it takes to run a successful — and unsuccessful — console business, and so if he's wondering whether the games-playing machines under our TVs have a future, you can bet the people making them are, too.
An interview w/Peter Moore by IGN about the future of Xbox.
Bahhhh, thought there was livestream RIGHT NOW >_>
I mean they can't be happy about spending decades in the gaming market and still being nowhere near Nintendo and Sony despite enormously bigger resources, their time in the gaming market has been a failure of epic proportions. When they launched the Xbox they probably saw their future as totally dominating the whole gaming landscape in a few decades at most.

Now they even have to go as far as Phil Spencer and try to paint themselves as an underdog against their giant rivals, which is ludicrous in itself.
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