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I gave you like... 4 separate opportunities to acknowledge that and end the discussion outright and you chose to intentionally clip-quote around them and ignored them in every reply, while restating your opinion in a matter-of-fact authoritative tone that you continue to use by now evoking "common sense".
Tell me how I was meant to interpret that as an acknowledgement of how "obvious" you considered that.

You were given scenarios and summarily wrote them off. So again, where is the interpretation that you were entertaining possibilities here?
Crappy WW retail launch due to underestimated demand? Doesn't matter, OT already hit the ceiling for the type of game it is in your estimation. Is that acknowledging OT1's "unique limitations"? Doesn't seem like it to me. So again, who is arguing in bad faith when you can't seem to hold to your own restrictions on discussion?

And you disregard comparisons and say every game is special, right after you yourself made comparisons to Xenoblade, which were addressed.

But this info? Doesn't matter because you say it doesn't matter, that XB3 has an inherent ceiling that near-equals XB2. How does this kind of dismissive tone factor in?

I agreed with you on this multiple times.

Except when you and you alone make comparisons to other games to prove a point.

But making comparisons to Xenoblade is OK.

If you're just going to pick and choose when your rules of discussion apply and don't, then yeah, I agree, no point in discussing something with someone who gets to change the rules of what's applicable to discussion when it suits them.

I'm going to give you the benefit of doubt and assume you're arguing in good faith (but there is a part of me that believes you aren't).

Regarding my tone: Yes, I'm confident in the things I say. Apologies if I sound confident or authoritative? I don't think I need to punctuate everything I say with "of course the exact opposite of what I just said could happen." When someone says "I don't see a scenario in which XXX," it is obvious that I am stating my opinion and my opinion alone. This isn't rocket science.

Regarding Xenoblade: I mentioned Xenoblade 3 because Xenoblade 3 is the closest thing we have to a "AAA" game (whether you want to call it low-end AAA or something else) in the JRPG space, outside of Final Fantasy. It's large, it's lush, it's cinematic, it's incredibly polished, it's endlessly customizable, and it's extremely generous in the amount of content it gives you in return for your $60. And yet, Xenoblade 3 is likely to end up in the 3.0-3.5 million range on the Switch, which means it will have grown over 2, but that it is still limited by a ceiling inherent to the kind of game it is, despite all the time and effort and bells and whistles. It wasn't meant to serve as a comparison to Octopath Traveler, merely to demonstrate that there is a ceiling even for the most high-profile and impressive games in the broader JRPG genre.

Could Xenoblade 3 go higher than that? Sure. And I'd be delighted if it did. But banking on extreme/best-case scenarios isn't ideal.

Once again, I'm not certain why you seem to be so upset that someone is stating the things they believe with a degree of confidence, or why you're going out of your way to isolate specific things I said without looking at the larger context of my posts. Personally, I think it's high time we dropped this debate. We clearly have differing opinions, and that's fine. That's the point of a forum. I don't need you to be convinced of everything I say, nor do I believe you require any sort of validation from me. Let's just move on.
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