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Media Create Prediction League : January 2022 [FINAL RESULTS]

Hello everyone !

While we are still waiting on the very final results of December, it is already time to open the January edition of the Prediction League !

We are aiming to host this prediction contest every month. The rules are simple, you can make and edit your prediction on the following titles until January 9th 22:59 CEST which basically means that as soon the COMG orders chart is updated, you can no longer change your prediction. So don't edit your post after that deadline.

At the end of the month, the results will be shared and the predictors will be ranked by units and %mean error. This is the second yearly edition of this contest already.

Exceptionnally for January, given the lack of notable releases apart from Pokémon, the predictions will be extended beyond the first week of sales. The tracked period will be January 3rd to January 30th. I also ask you to respect the following formatting :

[Platform] Full name of the game (number of days accounted) : 100 000

Now let's get things started with the January edition of the Media Create Prediction League !

[NSW] Hardware sales (4 weeks) -
[NSW] Pokémon Legends Arceus (3 days) -
[NSW] Switch hardware during Pokémon launch week (7 days) -
[NSW] Pokémon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl (4 weeks) -
[NSW] Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain (4 weeks) -

If you have any remarks or suggestions, don't hesitate to share !

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