• Akira Toriyama passed away

    Let's all commemorate together his legendary work and his impact here

Manor Lords sells over 1M Copies in its First 24 Hours ( Now over 2M under 3 Weeks )

Dev by 1 guy... And indeed, expected after its +2.5M wishlists and hyped reviews. It will be a leggy game as well.
Now at 2M Sold Copies under Three Weeks after launch

Hooded Horse is excited to share that Manor Lords has now sold over two million copies across all stores, less than three weeks after launch.

“It’s been wonderful to see so many players give Manor Lords a try,” says Hooded Horse CEO Tim Bender. “We had some pretty optimistic expectations and even some wild hopes, but reaching two million copies on Manor Lords so quickly has exceeded even those.”

That's what happens when you are creative and make something fun. The city-builder genre is massive on Steam, but so many of the city-building games coming out are too inspired by each other or poorly polished with little content. This one was different and they are reaping the rewards.
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