Loop Hero has sold over 1 Million copies on STEAM since its release in March of 2021

What is amazing about this is its engagement with players must have been absolutely incredible with how it charted in steamstats on release.
We really live in the Golden Age of indie success stories right now, always great to hear - especially if success is backed up by this kind of positive word of mouth. With even more DLC and content plans it should have further legs on PC and Switch.
Its weirdly absent from the eshop charts. Seems like a game that would do wel on Switch. I played it today having the switch in tabletop mode and just letting the game play itself while I was working on other stuff. Seems like a perfect match.
Great, i'll revisit the game when there's a big content update. I had really bad timing with this game since i finished it just before they added more speed options (IIRC up to 4x)
Really nice success. I can see Switch release add on more sales too there. nintendo have been putting the game on front row on their Youtube channel there.
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