Install Base Phase 2 ready to go! New content planned + donations and ads coming

Hm, i can't say i like how ads work on mobile now. Before it was one large but static ad at the top.

Now it's a dynamic ad that stays at the top of my smartphone's screen and follows even with scrolling, and i can only access the menu bar at the top if i a) scroll up all the way or b) click on minimizing the ad every single time.

The previous static ad is preferable to that imo. :eek:
It took a while for me to figure out, but the reason this happened was because of "automated experiments" by Google for ads on the website, which is a setting in AdSense that was turned on. I've turned it off and also stopped the experiment.
We're currently still figuring out the best way to create an ad-removal service. Especially because we're not sure what's a fair price point yet (we're gathering data).

We will most likely separate it from donations, however, because otherwise, the full donation (regardless of how much someone donates) could be considered a payment for the ad-removal service, which means we'd have to pay VAT over it, which is not the case for 'pure' donations. And it would be a waste to pay VAT over $50 when the actual ad-removal service would only cost $10, just to give you an example.
This all makes sense and I'm glad you're looking at options for people who are willing to pay to remove ads. Thanks for the response!
Why do you need money anyway?
The money donated and generated by advertisements will solely be used in the interest of Install Base. More concretely, this means all contributors will be paid fairly for their services and there will be no dividends or profit-taking by the owners of the company. Expenses made on the forum's behalf will be reimbursed and contributors like Jaysc and Rösti will be paid for their services. We haven't decided yet how we will compensate ongoing contributions by staff, including moderators, but know that we haven't forgotten about this discussion. In the long term, the money will also be used to pay for hosting, domain names, protection against potential legal issues, and everything else necessary to keep the website in the air. We also hope to subsidise the purchase of white papers and other sales-related items that keep the community thriving. We aren't interested in repeating the mistakes of others before us, and excess profit will be used responsibly for the benefit of the site.

Besides money talk, there's some news to share!
Excellent news.
The transparency is appreciated. I'd rather things be upfront like this and even have annual or semi annual reports on fiscals than pretending for 4 years that the lights are barely being kept on while someone is raking in "I'll never have to think about rent for the rest of my life" levels of money. Even if this site somehow started generating that much right away, at least we know where all the chips lay.
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