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Install Base celebrates its one month Anniversary ! [SURVEY INSIDE]

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Hello everyone!

Install Base was open for invitation registration on the 7th October. It was then on the 14th October we were fully ready to open the forum to the public. This forum was made for the community and we’re proud to provide a medium for everyone to socialise and share their passion for the gaming industry and its trends. Thank you everyone for being here with us.


We created Install Base as we needed a way for the community to talk about video game sales under a safe and friendly environment. It was a very spontaneous moment in time. The staff all came together to work out the necessary resources that was required in order to create this forum, and in the span of around 2-3 weeks, we were up and running. Throughout the journey, we always wanted the community to decide on our goals, and so we consistently asked you to provide your opinions on how we do things through surveys. Thanks to everyone's effort, we believe the forum is living up to our common vision.


In the space of 1 month, we were able to:
  • Surpass 1000 members with another 400 in the queue currently
  • Surpass 13.000 posts and 250 threads.
Not a lot of people thought that the Sales community on IB could grow so fast and so strong. Thanks again everyone !

This week's plan​

Beyond the survey we are holding (available a bit below), we'll try to make some new content available this week. We hope you'll enjoy it !

Beyond that, we have plans for the future that we'll share with you when all the required background stuff is done, potentially in the coming weeks.
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We asked the community to help provide a logo for our forum. While we can’t use them officially, we would like to show them off again here. It is our way to pay tribute to the work of our amazing community. There were a lot of submissions and we had to manually go through the discord to dig these out. We apologise if we may have missed your logo submission.






































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A lot happened since we launched Install Base on October 14th, alongside the newest Media Create thread.

As we reached this milestone and so many others, we wanted to thank you for overwhelming support and reflect back on your overall thoughts on Install Base after a month.

The results to the open questions in this survey will not be publicised. Instead, we will summarise the feedback from the community in a short report.

LINK HERE : https://forms.gle/siEejW1UB8rqjCW5A

We hope you'll participate !

Finishing thoughts​

Thank you everyone for your time here at Install Base. The past month has been a big challenge but we believe that we managed to build a place where our Community could prosper. The future is now up to us, everyone of us.

So, as always, please provide any feedback, even beyond the surveys, directly in the feedback thread.
Damn there were some pretty sick logo submissions I must say

I filled out the survey, but specifically wanted to call out that making this a standalone forum was totally the right call. Reading sales discussion without any console warring subtext has been a breath of fresh air. There is a much more objective analytical tone to the rhetoric here, which I gotta imagine is part of what brought some of the industry names back. And there is more than enough sales news to keep topics from stagnating, which I was initially concerned about. So major props
The two Owl designs by Lichsang speak to me.
And the first Gameboy one from Kitchenmotors is a dope runner up.
Matter of fact, I'd recommend that the Gameboy one from Kitchenmotors become the symbol of the Archives tab, as a nod to the age, legacy and impact of the platform.
How much time do we have for the survey?
I was approved very recently, IB was closed to non-members and thus I cannot properly answer these questions yet.
But so far so good :)
How much time do we have for the survey?
I was approved very recently, IB was closed to non-members and thus I cannot properly answer these questions yet.
But so far so good :)
Initially we thought of letting the survey go until Saturday night but since so many people joined this week, it is not impossible that we let it run longer :)
any joy pad logo would be hood
First of all, I'm kind of in love with @Lichtsang 70's Fox Logo

Secondly, I wrote this back as some advice for the Famiboards opening, but I hope it proves useful and encouraging for you all as well.

1. Continue to form your foundation on a culture that unites, instead on one that endlessly divides. This new forum (along with Famiboards) is the inevitable destiny of ResetEra’s cultural foundation: that what divides us ultimately takes precedence over that what unites us. Think about it: you’re more likely to hear about the (for lack of a better word) “tribes” of ResetEra (TransEra, AsianEra, PoliticalEra, NintendoEra, SalesEra, XboxEra, etc. etc. ad infinitum) than you are to hear about what brought us all there in the first place. It’s natural that we seek out people more like us (whether it be interest, identity, beliefs, or anything else). It happens. It's happening here! As those people coalesce, unique subcultures emerge. Those subcultures will continue to become unique and distinct from one another. This is not necessarily a bad thing (in fact, many great things, niches, ideas, etc. grow out of such subcultures)! But if there is no greater foundation that unites a community, then inevitably you will see growing separation over time. This new site of yours already has a great focus and connective tissue: A focus on sales and evidence based data. Remember that despite all the wonderful intricacies and complexities that make us unique, there is still an underlying bond of connection that pulls us together. No matter where we come from, what language we speak, what beliefs we hold outside of InstallBase. Focus on that bond. Focus on content that unites us.

2. Let moderation come from a place of community building, and not top-down enforcement. Moderation is tough. I was a head mod on a prominent video game site ages ago, and the hardest thing was finding that balance between the blind, cold enforcement (because equality under the rules is a good thing! Fairness and consistency are incredibly important for long term forum health.) and knowing the intricacies and context within the communities (See: what just happened in MediaCreate at ResetEra). A failure of one is the failure of all, and it’s a thin tightrope to walk. My advice is to lean on the community, and that constant communication is key. If your mod team is not actively participating within the community, then you are in danger of becoming disassociated, separate, and blind to the complexities, nuances, and cultures different from yours (ingroup bias). On the other hand, if your mods are too involved and stagnant within their particular community (let’s say: a mod is chosen directly to participate within Sales threads), then they are in danger of creating outgroup biases: mistrust and suspicion of anyone entering a set boundary. You need to have constant communication, both as a mod team and from a mod to community to make sure that our blind spots (and we all have them) are properly covered. It’s a position that’s certainly no enviable, but necessary!

3. Openness is usually a better alternative than the opposite. The great irony of ResetEra is that despite being a self-described paragon of progressive enlightenment, they were one of the least liberal forums I’ve ever participated in. I do not mean liberal as in the political persuasion, but liberal as in the cultural position of “a willingness to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one's own; open to new ideas.” Of course, certain boundaries must be drawn. How we treat other human beings is paramount to a foundation of interpersonal connection. As is a foundation of how we philosophically see people: are they reasonable, rational, and of inherent value? If so, certain bars must be raised and cannot be negotiated with. But beyond that, my hope is that you come from a place of humility in that we as individuals cannot know everything, and we perhaps can learn a great deal from someone else (just as those people can learn a great deal from us!). But that comes from an openness to listen, an openness to challenge our own values and beliefs, and an openness to value perspectives, opinions, and positions not our own (as long as they are in good faith). That is the basis of communication and conversation: that things can be learned, answers can be achieved, and understanding can be had among one another. There's a trust and vulnerability that makes such pluralism risky sometimes, but the results are a truly diverse, trusting, and interconnected community.

4. So just what is your culture? Having a linear focus (Sales and Data) gives you a golden opportunity to forge ahead with a clear, understandable, and executable foundation that flows into site culture. You already have a great pinned OT that enforces this foundation: Sourcing an argument. What is it that you truly believe here? What ideals truly act as the connective tissue within Installbase? Something like...
  • That truth/fact/reality is able to be sought out.
  • That people, regardless of their position, background, or status, are inherently rational and capable.
  • If both are true, then we as the latter can search for the former with evidence, critical thinking, sourcing, context, and good faith.
  • The result is holistic knowledge, greater understanding, applicable methodology, and continued progress.
Don't settle for anything less. The work you put in is worth it. The time you put in is worth it. The relationships and bonds you forge are worth it. Keep up it, continue moving forward, and stay awesome. *hearty thumbs up*
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