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Inazuma Eleven Victory Road Demo reach 1M downloads


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First of all,
we have achieved 1 million downloads of the trial version, and people are playing it for a much longer time than we expected. Thank you very much for your expectations and support for Inazuma Eleven!
All of our staff members are highly motivated by this. Today, we have released a new version of the beta test trial version! I would like to talk about the future of Inazuma Eleven over the course of two nights. Today is the first night.
Not too shabby...
I still need to play it (tbh I really need to go back playing as a whole lol)
This is promising, demo will get updated today in order to add the Story mode which should boost things further.
I expect this game to exceed a lot of expectations in Southern Europe and East Asia.
I'm most curious as to how the game will do in North America and UK/Germany.

Great to see L5 back after their 5 year slumber party.
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