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Hypothetical: You are given a job by Nintendo to make a 5 game sizzle reel segment using 3rd Party remasters for a Switch Lite OLED debut Direct


I'm piggybacking off of @Lelouch0612 's remaster/remake thread but with a twist.


1. Like the title says the base game has to be developed and/or published by a third party.

2. The base game has to come from a previous generation of handheld console.

3. You can increase the resolution, adjust frame rates & timing, shadow quality, use image treatment techniques like A.I. upscaling, texture filtering, anti-aliasing, remap controls for quality of life improvements and lastly include all available DLC for the base version.

4. You cannot remake any assets like textures, models, music, add new graphical features like advanced shaders or add content from other ports/remakes from other consoles, i.e. you cannot use the 2.8 version of Kingdom Hearts 3D as a base.

5. If the game is part of a series you can make a collection bundle i.e. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops + Peace Walker.

That's it. Please include pictures of the games you refer to. Doesn't have to be 5. If you can only think of 1 game then that will do.
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