• Akira Toriyama passed away

    Let's all commemorate together his legendary work and his impact here

Granzella Inc., Output Command // Granzella Game Studios Inc., // Granzella Game Factory Inc., // Granzella Music // Bitter Chocolate, Summer Memories

Granzella Inc.,



Greetings. Believe in the Power of Games.


Ahead of us, the green light and the trees are more vivid than what is behind us. Look right, look left, and right again. Let's Move on!
We are sure that anything we can imagine can be played as a game. There are great possibilities with using games as a communication method.

We also think that the most unique and strongest feature of games, in general, is that users can actively participate in them.

Previously, every year on April Fool’s Day we’d always have a huge event. By expanding the range of the events from the web to game media, we felt that we could share a great experience and create a meaningful time together with participants.

Therefore, we want to progress by believing it is through games that we can realize everything we hope to dream up.

This might not be the smartest approach, however, we created this new company to realize this vision and we believe in it... And we are confident that it is this philosophy, itself, that defines our identity.

We want to produce the following types of games worldwide:
  • Controversial games
  • Games that strongly interest people, even if they have some weaknesses.
  • Games in which players can reflect their own feelings, instead of games for which players have no choices and have to follow predetermined rules and paths.
  • Games and experiences that give excitement to both players and creators at the same time.
  • Games that are a great alternative when main stream games and entertainment start to lose their appeal.
Company Overview
Granzella Inc.,
  • Head Office
    Annex 2nd Floor, LIFE GARDEN, 4-65-16 Shinbohon, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa 921-8062 Japan
  • Nonoichi Studio (Granzella Game Studios Inc.)
    2nd Floor, i-BIRD, 3-570 Suematsu, Nonoichi-shi, Ishikawa 921-8836 Japan
  • Nagoya Studio (Granzella Game Factory Inc.)
    Nagoya Business Incubator Shirakane, 2-9-33 Fukue Showa-ku, Nagoya City 466-0059 Japan
Granzella Revolution Army
Takeshi Nagura - Co-Founder, President & CEO (Project Manager, Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories), General Manager & Producer of Game Business, Irem Software Engineering Co., Jan 1997 - April 2011
Kazuma Kujo - Co-Founder & Chief Creator (Lead Director, "R-Type Final 2", "Disaster Report 4", "City Shrouded in Shadow", "MANGA KAKERU") Lead Game Designer, Irem Software Engineering Co. Jan 1997 - April 2011.
Mayumi Nishimura - President & CEO / Granzella Game Studios Inc.
Yoshiyuki Yoshida - Representative Director, GZOE Inc., (Nagoya Studio)

Fun comes first!

We plan to be a group of entertainment creators who shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Hopefully we’ll receive many compliments on our foolish antics.

Look forward to our over-the-top, boundary-pushing activities in the future!

President/CEO Takeshi Nagura & Chief Creator/Game Designer Kazuma Kujo
Humanist Historical Archives - Earth's Fight & Flight Record
2017: [iOS/Android] Soccer Love (Granzella), [PS4] City Shrouded in Shadow (Granzella/Bandai Namco Entertainment)
2018: [PS4/PSV] Manga Kakeru (Granzella), [NSW/PS4/Steam/EGS/GOG] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories (Granzella/NIS)
2019: --
2020: [NSW] Don Swagger (Hearts Technology)
2021: [NSW/PS4/XB1/XBS/Steam/EGS/GOG] R-Type Final 2 + Season Pass I, II, III + DLC (Granzella/NIS)
2022: [iOS/Android/NSW/PS4] 雑学クイズ大臣 Miscellaneous Quiz Minister (Granzella)
Cat Yashiki I
Was it Mr. Mecha Kujo today?

Buff KUJO please

deviance purplehaze
Eh? Kujo need more buff?!

Buff R-9C!​
Gathering of Granzella 2023

[PS5] R-Type Final 3 Evolved (Granzella/NIS) {2023.03.23} {2023.04.25}
R-TYPE for Flying Aces
In addition to the stages included in R-Type Final 2, new stages have been made available!
  • More than 20 stages, including those from the previous series, are available for play.
  • Features a VR launch sequence mode to experience a launch demo scene in VR.
  • It has a metaverse space in which players can exchange strategies and enjoy mini-games. It also serves as a lobby for the competition mode, where you can compete with multiple players for scores.
Be the wind on the circuit!
A real racer experience with simple visuals!
That's Hyper Torque Racing.


[NSW] Side View Golf (Granzella) {2020 - 2023.07.01}
[NSW] Hyper Torque Racing (3ED/Granzella) {2023.xx.xx} *Summer 2023*
Dead Weight Loss

[PS3] PlayStation®Home (Granzella)
PlayStation®Home Granzella Games Youtube Playlist (142 videos!) // PlayStation®Home Irem R-TYPE Gameplay
[iOS/Android/NSW] Hototogisu Tairan 1553: Ryuuko Aiutsu (Granzella) 2018 - 2023 // [Web Browser] Side View Golf (Granzella) {2020 - 2023.07.01}​
Gathering of Granzella 2024 (not so late in the year)

[NSW/PS4/XB1/XBS/Steam/EGS/GOG] R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos (Granzella/NIS) {2024.xx.xx}
*Update on the Release Schedule June 30, 2023*​
An authentic sci-fi tactical simulation game set in space-
A simulation game themed on space fleet battles with the R-Type worldview- that's "R-Type Tactics".

The stage is set in space and in a space fortress which has become a den of unknown organisms.
To gain an advantage in the battle with the enemy forces, you will scout out enemies and prepare the deployment and formation of your unit to fight against the opponent. You will overwhelm the enemy forces by hiding your troops in their blind spots, making full use of electronic warfare, and considering supply, characteristics of space, and so on.

Missions included in the game​

The number of missions planned to be included in the game:

R-Type Tactics
- First Half: 30 missions
- Second Half: 27 missions

R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate
- First Half (Space Corps/ Granzella Revolution Army): 23 missions each
- Second Half: 22 missions
- Spin-off: 23 missions

New missions (to be newly added to this title)
- Sequel ("Cosmos"): 12 missions

We plan to distribute more scenarios as downloadable content, etc.​
Tears because it's a good example of Steam delay

Better than being delivered with bugs inside

That'll be late too.​

Gathering of Granzella 20XX

[TBC] Disaster Report 5 (Granzella) {xxxx.xx.xx}
Kazuma Kujo
—Ambitions for 2023

“While I wasn’t able to announce the next development for Manga Ka Keru in 2022, I hope to announce something new for that title in 2023. A new Disaster Report title will definitely also be announced in 2023. I intend to do everything that I can.”

Source: Famitsu via Gematsu

[PS5/XBS/Steam] FZ: Formation Z (Granzella/City Connection) {2024.xx.xx}

Ready yourself for an intense

robot shooting raid battle like never before

Here's one of the most emblematic titles from Jaleco, Formation Z. Take the form of a humanoid robot or the form of an aircraft to defeat your enemies in a brand new game with updated graphics and sound design. Soldiers, in formation. A shivering and exciting return awaits us!
R-Type Final 2 (Kickstarter // Direct Crowdfund x 2 // Production Project Backers’ Web Page)
June 2019 - 8,051 backers pledged ¥98,863,825
October 2019 - 1,500 + new backers ($1 million stretch goal unlocked)
October - November 2020 - see below.
Total Amount Funded - approximately USD 1,260,485 (JPY 130,371,928)
Total Backers 11,146 backers
(Updated: 2020-11-30 21:00:00)
R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos Additional Content Production Project (Kickstarter)
November 2022 - 1,115 backers pledged ¥22,640,632

Recorded Music


Granzella Music
Granzella Music Youtube Playlist Contains Samplers & Full Vocal Songs including Official Music Videos.​
City Shrouded in Shadows
Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories
R-Type Final 2
Season Pass 1 - 3
Yuki Iwai - R-Type Tactics (Original Soundtrack) // Composer of R-Type Final Original Sound Tracks
Various - R-Type Original Sound Box (Clarice Disc) 10xCD (CD5 contains soundtracks for original versions of R-Type Tactics & R-Type Tactics II -Operation Bitter Chocolate-)

Before that flower falls

●Comments by Mai Iida
I wrote this song for the game “R-Type Final 3 Evolved”.
They left the earth and pushed forward into battle for the sake of the people they wanted to protect.
While desperately wanting to see the loved ones they left behind once more, they also have mixed feelings about wanting them to walk a different path and be happy. And a sense of relief when it finally comes to an end.
Flowers in memory wistfully remind us of the passage of time.
Granzella Visual is the visual brand of the gaming company Granzella
the visual brand of gaming company Granzella.
We create computer graphics, promotional videos, music videos, illustrations, graphical interfaces, motion animation, and more!

Exclusive : Karen Chats With Kazuma Kujo Of Granzella Inc., - YourPSHome.net (highly recommended as it covers early Granzella)​

YPSH : Can you ever bring sequels of Disaster Report or Steambot Chronicles to market? Would you make similar games someday? 

Kazuma : Yes, we’ll release a disaster-themed game in the future. That’s one of the reasons why we formed Granzella. Also, we’d like to release games like Steambot Chronicles because they bring out our characteristics.
Once upon a Time there was Irem Software Engineering Inc., on the brink of extinction...
Maki D. Iguchi - Planner, Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories.
Takaha Sha - Assistant Director, Planner, Scenario Writer, Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories
Yoshio Hatakenaka - Lead Artist - Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories​
It's a very difficult story.​

Business Development: "Entertainment" is the key term

Our Mission With games at the core, we will expand our sphere of activities to revolutionize the entertainment and eradicate boredom. Our Opportunities Leveraging our know-how in game development, as well as service deployment in games, we will expand our activities to other realms of entertainment than games and continue to carry out our mission.
Our job is to make your boring time more meaningful, impressive, or put it more simply, thrilling time.
Bandai Namco - City Shrouded in Shadow
Beta Computing - Disaster Report 4 Plus Summer Memories companion app
City Connection - Formation Z
Drawic Studio - Hideho Kawata, Art Director (R-TYPE Final 2)
NIS - international publisher of Disaster Report 4, R-Type Final 2, R-Type Final 3 Evolved & R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos (R-Type Portal)
Raphica LLC - cooperated in art direction & 3DCG production for "R-TYPE FINAL 2", including the visual concept & 3D models for Stage 2 of R-TYPE 2 & Stage 3 of Image Fight. R-TYPE FINAL 2 DLC Stage Pass Vol. 3 - Visual Concept:
We were in charge of art direction, visual concept, and 3DCG production for the game stage in R-TYPE FINAL 2 downloadable content, Stage Pass Vol. 3.
We were in charge of art direction, visual concept, and 3DCG production for the game stages.
Z E A L ★ D o Q M a L - sample company, sound creator R-TYPE FINAL 2. Previously worked on R-TYPE TACTICS (PSP), R-TYPE TACTICS II (PSP) & R-TYPE FINAL (PS2) for IREM.


Kujo...use the Force Bit!
Kujo Kazuma On The Legacy Of Irem, The Brilliance Of ‘Image Fight’ And The Future Of ‘R-Type’ - Ollie Barder (Forbes) 10/21
R-Type Final – 2003 Developer Interview (Kazuma Kujo - Producer, Koichi Kita - Chief Designer & Hiroaki Yamada - Designer)

10 days ago
I hope we get Bumpy Trot 2 some day!
10 days ago
look at this man bearing his soul in the comments​

The more delay, the more volume up, thank goodness!​
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Sales Data

Granzella Output Command Sales Outpost I·II Cosmos
Media Create / Famitsu database
version 1.0.1 (2016 update) <-download it here

Previous Threads
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Many thanks to @Chris1964 as ever.
Media Create Sales: CY 2017 (2017 Jan 02 - 2017 Dec 31)
093./000. [PS4] Kyoei Toshi <ADV> (Bandai Namco Games) {2017.10.19} (¥8.200) - 65.556 / NEW (48.935 <79,33%>)
First Shipment 61,685
Media Create Sales: CY 2018 (2018 Jan 01 - 2018 Dec 30)
095./000. [PS4] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2018.11.22} (¥7.200) - 53.145 / NEW (42.272 <67,48%>)
612./093. [PS4] Kyoei Toshi <ADV> (Bandai Namco Games) {2017.10.19} (¥8.200) - 2.790 / 68.347 (-96%) (48.935 <79,33%>)
First Shipment 62,644
Media Create Sales: CY 2019 (2018 Dec 31 - 2019 Dec 29)
301./095. [PS4] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2018.11.22} (¥7.200) - 8.747 / 61.891 (-84%) (42.272 <67,48%>)
399./000. [NSW] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2019.09.26} (¥6.480) - 4.899 / NEW (1.882 <27,26%>)
First Shipment [NSW] 6,904

Media Create Sales: CY 2019 Used (2018 Dec 31 - 2019 Dec 29)
301./164. [PS4] Kyoei Toshi <ADV> (Bandai Namco Games) {2017.10.19} (¥8.200) - 8.732 / 38.549 (-49%) (107.576 <55,85%>) 107.576 - 38.549 = 69.027 (69.027 - 68.347 = 680 new copies sold)
Media Create Sales: CY 2020 (2019 Dec 30 - 2021 Jan 03)
615./399. [NSW] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2019.09.26} (¥6.480) - 2.033 / 6.932 (-59%) (1.882 <27,26%>)
933./301. [PS4] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2018.11.22} (¥7.200) - 857 / 62.749 (-90%) (42.272 <67,48%>)

Media Create Sales: CY 2020 Used (2019 Dec 30 - 2021 Jan 03)
348./301. [PS4] Kyoei Toshi <ADV> (Bandai Namco Entertainment) {2017.10.19} (¥8.200) - 6.193 / 44.742 (-29%) (114.011 <64,59%>) 114.011 - 44.742 = 69.269 (69.269 - 69.027 = 242 new copies sold)
Media Create Sales: CY 2021 (2021 Jan 04 - 2022 Jan 02)
242./000. [PS4] R-Type Final 2 # <STG> (Granzella) {2021.04.29} (¥5.800) - 10.769 / NEW (7.110 <66,25%>)
264./000. [NSW] R-Type Final 2 # <STG> (Granzella) {2021.04.29} (¥5.800) - 9.239 / NEW (5.225 <52,23%>)

863./615. [NSW] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2019.09.26} (¥6.480) - 1.063 / 7.994 (-48%) (1.882 <27,26%>)
First Shipments [PS4] 10,732 & [NSW] 10,004

Media Create Sales: CY 2021 Used (2021 Jan 04 - 2022 Jan 02)
367./255. [PS4] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2018.11.22} (¥7.200) - 4.004 / 34.751 (-55%) (97.814 <55,11%>) 97.814 - 34.751 = 63.063 (63.063 - 62.749 = 314 new copies sold.
468./348. [PS4] Kyoei Toshi <ADV> (Bandai Namco Entertainment) {2017.10.19} (¥8.200) - 2.889 / 47.631 (-53%) (116.979 <68,68%>) 116.979 - 47.631 = 69.348 (69.348 - 69.269 = 79 new copies sold)
Media Create Sales: CY 2022 (2022 Jan 03 - 2023 Jan 01)
754./264. [NSW] R-Type Final 2 # <STG> (Granzella) {2021.04.29} (¥5.800) - 1.398 / 10.637 (-85%) (5.225 <52,23%>)
903./242. [PS4] R-Type Final 2 # <STG> (Granzella) {2021.04.29} (¥5.800) - 982 / 11.751 (-91%) (7.110 <66,25%>)

Media Create Sales: CY 2022 Used (2022 Jan 03 - 2023 Jan 01)
391./367. [PS4] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2018.11.22} (¥7.200) - 2.835 / 37.587 (-29%) (100.846 <59,42%>) 100.846 - 37.587 = 63.259 (63. 259 - 63.063 = 196 new copies sold.
Weekly Famitsu Sales Data 2023, to be replaced with Media Create Sales: CY 2023 once Top 1000 is published.
Famitsu Sales: Week 13, 2023 (Mar 20 - Mar 26)
26./00. [PS5] R-Type Final 3 Evolved <STG> (Granzella) {2023.03.23} (¥5.800) - 2.223 / NEW <40-60%>
  • First Shipment Estimates: 3.705 - 5.558
九条さんそこまでだ 死ぬ
Mr. Kujo, that's enough. You're dead.

I think Mr. Kujo is going to be in desperate need of some grass.

Is Granzella ok ……?

Will there be a Mr. Kujo next time?

Mr. Kujo will disappear.​
Never To Do List - Full BYDO BEATS OST BEATDOWN. IREM to IREM SOFTWARE ENGINEERING to Granzella timeline. Irem M92 emulation core created for MiSTER breakdown.
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I'm going to eat a karaage bento.
I think that the Giga Wave Motion Cannon's simultaneous fire is likely to cause friendly fire.​
Youtube comments give me the idea for an R-Type x Helldivers cross over with Friendly Fire. Would sure be a sight for sore shooter eyes. Particularly if it was arcade cabinet where you cost another player their hard earned Japanese pennies. ButI digress, before getting onto the latest developments and/or lack thereof in the Gathering of Granzella 2 live stream June 30, 2023 we best review the archival Bydo Sales Data because R-Type Reasons. Have updated both OPs with the latest, constructive feedback & poll ideas are welcome as ever... *eerie silence*

No, it's my fault for outbursting.

Gathering of Granzella Sales
Media Create Sales: CY 2021 (2021 Jan 04 - 2022 Jan 02)
242./000. [PS4] R-Type Final 2 # <STG> (Granzella) {2021.04.29} (¥5.800) - 10.769 / NEW (7.110 <66,25%>)
264./000. [NSW] R-Type Final 2 # <STG> (Granzella) {2021.04.29} (¥5.800) - 9.239 / NEW (5.225 <52,23%>)
863./615. [NSW] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2019.09.26} (¥6.480) - 1.063 / 7.994 (-48%) (1.882 <27,26%>)
First Shipments [PS4] 10,732 & [NSW] 10,004
Media Create Sales: CY 2021 Used (2021 Jan 04 - 2022 Jan 02)
367./255. [PS4] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2018.11.22} (¥7.200) - 4.004 / 34.751 (-55%) (97.814 <55,11%>) 97.814 - 34.751 = 63.063 (63.063 - 62.749 = 314 new copies sold.
468./348. [PS4] Kyoei Toshi <ADV> (Bandai Namco Entertainment) {2017.10.19} (¥8.200) - 2.889 / 47.631 (-53%) (116.979 <68,68%>) 116.979 - 47.631 = 69.348 (69.348 - 69.269 = 79 new copies sold)
Media Create Sales: CY 2022 (2022 Jan 03 - 2023 Jan 01)
754./264. [NSW] R-Type Final 2 # <STG> (Granzella) {2021.04.29} (¥5.800) - 1.398 / 10.637 (-85%) (5.225 <52,23%>)
903./242. [PS4] R-Type Final 2 # <STG> (Granzella) {2021.04.29} (¥5.800) - 982 / 11.751 (-91%) (7.110 <66,25%>)
Media Create Sales: CY 2022 Used (2022 Jan 03 - 2023 Jan 01)
391./367. [PS4] Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories <ADV> (Granzella) {2018.11.22} (¥7.200) - 2.835 / 37.587 (-29%) (100.846 <59,42%>) 100.846 - 37.587 = 63.259 (63. 259 - 63.063 = 196 new copies sold.
Changing of the Force Bit Guard as the Switch version clears its first shipment & is (slowly) catching up after a slow Online Battle start. The West/Digital Das will save it! Greedy Granzella post-R-Type Failed 2 Evolve one week & done sales as per Famitsu below. Gathering of Granzella streams take place monthly, yet no signs (in English at least) if Krazy Kujo intends to change R-course on the exclusive content in the (otherwise impressive looking) PS5 version to all platforms. At the very least enable PS4 owners to pay for an upgrade to Final 3 Evolved on PS5! 😭
Famitsu Sales: Week 13, 2023 (Mar 20 - Mar 26)
26./00. [PS5] R-Type Final 3 Evolved <STG> (Granzella) {2023.03.23} (¥5.800) - 2.223 / NEW <40-60%>
  • First Shipment Estimates: 3.705 - 5.558
But saltiness & stubbornness aside from both sides, the studio has plenty of titles in the works, alongside the expected delay for its R-Type Tactics remakes there's a couple eShop titles.
Takatsuki Yuu-tkumo
Love is heavy…

Oh, wow



Just when I was about to go into how you're playing it dangerous for entertainment value…​
Patch 2.0.1
DLC Stage R2.0 B99, R-Sk3, R-9SkZ, Stage 4.1 & DLC B-99

June 30, 2023 PS4XB1/XBS (early to mid July on NSW/PS5/PC)

We will continue to add and update the game.

Thank you for your continued support​

Enemy placement is moderately disgusting.​
[NSW] Side View Golf (Granzella) {2023.07.06} (¥700)
[NSW] Hyper Torque Racing (3ED Works/Granzella) {2023.xx.xx} *Summer 2023*
[NSW/PS4/XB1/XBS/Steam/EGS/GOG] R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos (Granzella/NIS) {2024.xx.xx}
[TBC] Disaster Report 5 (Granzella) {xxxx.xx.xx}
[TBC] Formation Z (Granzella/City Connection) {xxxx.xx.xx}
I'd use a mega wave gun for this selection

Is there even a legitimate way to bring the Giga Wave Motion Cannon and make it go away…?

pe Pe
Battleships are not VR.

Kujyo-sama please marry me... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Benisha family
If only there was a penetrating attack

Battleships are clear to shoot giga

Beni Beni
It would be nice if we could switch to other people's play screens

There are moments when you can take them down with a mega from behind.


Hello )

I wonder who will challenge with a humanoid aircraft.​
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Disclosure: Initially planned a new year update with the usual silly YT formatting but due to the Earthquake in Ishikawa prefecture, decided to hold off out of respect. Using DeepL below:

【2024年 新年のご挨拶】 新年あけましておめでとうございます。皆様に新たな一年が素晴らしいものとなりますよう心よりお祈り申し上げます。

Happy New Year to you all! I sincerely wish you all a wonderful new year.
We will continue to strive to deliver the "fun" that only we can provide in 2024, and we look forward to working with you again this year.​


Aspirations for 2024 from 163 game creators. Check out the game industry in 2024 from their comments.

Kazuma Kujo(Granzella)
チーフプロデューサー兼ゲームデザイナー。2023年には『R-TYPE FINAL 3 EVOLVED』を発売。現在は2024年発
Chief Producer and Game Designer, released "R-TYPE FINAL 3 EVOLVED" in 2023. Currently working on "R-TYPE TACTICS I-II COSMOS" to be released in 2024.
R-TYPE TACTICS I-II COSMOS" to be released in 2024.​
原点. 抱負.

Origin. Aspiration.
We are currently reviewing everything from scratch.
We have found what is missing, so in 2024, in parallel with game production at Granzella, we will quietly set up a new production studio and quietly work to recover what is missing.​
Current Status
2024年は制作している『FZ: Formation Z』と『R-TYPE TACTICS I·II COSMOS』のふたつのタイトルが発売になります。よろしくお願いします。
In 2024, two titles we are working on, " FZ: Formation Z " and " R-TYPE TACTICS I-II COSMOS " will be released. We look forward to working with you.​
It is the defense match of Sota Fujii, the 8th crown of Shogi. I will be watching the game, cheering both for Fujii Hachikan to defend and for the other professionals to play well .......​

Sōta Fujii: just poppin' n' lockin' cause Shogi Game (Studio) recognises (Granzella) Game. What I don't recognise is why the Granzella Game Factory site is missing but will it be recovered?

Granzella Game Factory
The homepage has not yet been uploaded to this webspace.
Let's upload the file to the X server as soon as possible.
Please refer to the support manual for uploading instructions.​


In the annual year-end "Comments from Celebrities in the Game Industry," 177 people look back on the year 2023 and share their thoughts for 2024.​




Chief Producer and Game Designer​


Kazuma Kujo​

代表作:R-TYPE FINAL シリーズ、 絶体絶命都市シリーズ、マンガ・カ・ケール、サイドビューゴルフ、巨影都市など
Representative works: R-TYPE FINAL series, Tessai Taisetsu Toshi series, Manga Ka Kale, Side View Golf, Giant Shadow City, etc.

<Question 1> Which game titles released in 2023 impressed (or shocked) you the most?
Monster Hunter Now

I played the game with interest, wondering how to make Monster Hunter playable on a smartphone. Although there is no part where you wander through forests or desolate lands in search of monsters, the simple controls for fighting enemies and the way monsters behave on a smartphone seemed like a good idea. The fact that multiple players can easily hunt together also reminded me of playing on the PSP and gave me a good impression.

<Question 2> Most memorable entertainment content released/published in 2023
The Apothecary's Alone

I am watching an animated work about an apothecary who serves as a backward court official, set in an old Chinese-style world. I was very impressed by the fact that the main character is an ancient pharmacist and that any subject matter can be a story.
<Question 3> In 2023, who do you personally look out for?

It is Sota Fujii, the 8th crown of Shogi (Japanese chess). Will he be able to maintain his eight championship titles next year? Will other players struggle to break his eight championships? I can't sleep because I'm curious.
Sōta Fujii: Oh I'll maintain & sustain my 8 championships. You can rest easy Kazuma Kujo as Sota Fuji don't sleep, cause I'm playing mind-games 24/7 to make opponents weep...believe.
<Question 4> What are your ambitions for 2024 and what is your message to 4Gamer readers?

また、2024年は制作している『FZ: Formation Z』と『R-TYPE TACTICS I・II COSMOS』の二つのタイトルが発売になります。よろしくお願いします。
After reviewing various aspects of the project, I decided to go back to my roots. I am going to set up a new production studio and do what I first set out to do, albeit in a modest way.

Also, in 2024, two titles that I am producing, "FZ: Formation Z" and "R-TYPE TACTICS I and II COSMOS" will be released. Best regards.

Patch 1.0.2 for Side View Golf is now live on Nintendo Switch.
What has been added:
 -Holes 371-400 (some are in night mode)
 -Effects to be displayed at the hole-in moment.
 -Golfer icons
Please give it a try!​
December 21, 2023​
Press Release
November 8, 2023​

Granzella's Racing Game, "Hyper Torque Racing"
Update Goes Live on Nintendo Switch​

Granzella Inc. released patch update version 1.0.2 for "Hyper Torque Racing" for Nintendo Switch on November 8, 2023.
"Hyper Torque Racing" is a racing game with simple visuals but offers a deep and realistic racer experience.

This update adds new courses in the UK and France to the existing ten courses, bringing the total number of long and short courses to 14. Also newly added is the "GP VOLT" (Grand Prix Volt) mode, in which players can enjoy racing in electric cars. Racing with electric cars gives drivers a different sense of control than with conventional motor vehicles.
Please update your game and enjoy the new courses, electric car races, and other new features!
Before getting onto the latest with its crowdfunding, Kujo Kudos to @tolkir last September for compiling here the console sales for R-Type Final 2 in Spain. Wonder how 3 Evolved fared...
  • R-Type Final 2: 2.050 (Switch: 1200, PS4: 550, XBO: 300)
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R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos

Today's Report / 本日の御報告 (November 24, 2023)
Today's Report / 本日の御報告 (December 29, 2023)​
January 9, 2024

"R-Type Tactics I・II Cosmos" to Launch in Autumn 2024

The release date of this title has been changed to "Autumn 2024".
Please stay tuned for more information!

[PS5/XBS/Steam] FZ: Formation Z (Granzella/City Connection) {2024.xx.xx}
Big year for Greedy Granzella, two major titles (yeah they're major, fight me!) but want to know more about its plans to make amends for 3 Evolved being a separate PS5 SKU restructure, keeping an eye out on its Granzella note page (dev blog). Will check over the Gathering of Granzella for any new details some other time but here's some bonus IREM coverage to end on.

We Sat Down With Legendary Irem Devs To Talk Game Design, Pixel Art And Sekaikan

by John Szczepaniak
Kazuma KUJO: Chief producer and lead game designer at Granzella Inc.
I think R-Type and Image Fight's respective battleships are simply common enemy elements in the two games, rather than something suggesting a common worldview. As for the sunken cities in Air Duel and In The Hunt, I was involved in the development of both games, and can say that their similar appearances are coincidental. The fact the backgrounds look similar is a coincidence resulting from our aspirations during development. With regards to the D.A.S. series, the game creators involved in the projects used that name for the enemy organisation for fun. It's not a corporate or studio strategy, it's just the kindred spirit of fun shared between the people who made those games.
Atsushi KUROOKA: Worked at Irem as a programmer on Geo Storm / Gun Force II before leaving to join Nazca and work on Metal Slug. Currently works at Platinum Games as an outsourcing manager. Regarding names Kurooka says: "I didn't have a nickname."

There's a lot of ex-Irem staff working in the games industry. Irem left a legacy of masterpieces and I feel both lucky and proud that I was able to begin my career at such a company.


Irem Software Engineering Co.
MyNavi 2025 -they're hiring but for what-
Net sales 80.8 billion yen (March 2023 / Group consolidated) -they're making cash-money but from what?-
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