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German game studio InnoGames postet a complete list of salary


First of all, my english is not that good - so please forgive some fails in grammar or so.

The german gaming studio, InnoGames, just released a complete list of salary they pay to game designers, artists, analysts etc.
The article is in german and from a legit german news site. I will post a translated version here (translated with deepl).

I thought that this is interesting for us. Keep in mind, when you see the numbers, that in germany you get most of the time 25-30 days full payed holiday, when you are sick - even if it´s longer - you get paid, the health system is differently. Just in case, for example, you compare it to US salary numbers.

It´s worth reading the whole article, because they are also talking about work ethics etc.

"These are the salaries paid by Germany's second-largest video game company
Jobs in the games industry sound appealing to many young people. But how well or poorly do people earn at games companies? One manufacturer is now making its salary bands public - and hopes for imitators.

Making a career out of computer games might sound tempting to many young professionals. But games companies don't exactly have the best reputation as employers in the tech industry. They are often said to be working on interesting products that are fun for users. But the work is stressful and, compared to the development of supposedly boring software, poorly paid.

The company InnoGames now apparently wants to counteract this and at least give interested parties an idea of what they can expect financially in the job. The Hamburg-based games manufacturer, which is known for mobile and browser games such as "Forge of Empires" that are considered time-consumers, has published its salary bands for this purpose. InnoGames thus makes it more transparent than other game studios what its employees earn at least or at most in certain jobs depending on their experience level.

A game designer, for example, earns a gross annual salary of 42,000 to 58,000 euros. If someone is hired as a junior game designer, it's 34,000 to 42,000 euros. As a senior game designer, the range is 58,000 to 85,000 euros. And if you work as an expert game designer at InnoGames, you'll earn upwards of 85,000 euros.

What you earn in different jobs
At InnoGames, the developers earn better than the game designers: In this area, you start as a Junior Developer with 48,000 to 58,000 euros, the "Regular" salary is 58,000 to 75,000 euros. And those who make it to Senior Team Lead, Expert or Head often earn six figures.

Further salary examples are shown in the following table, the figures were provided to SPIEGEL by InnoGames. They refer to 40-hour contracts with 29 days off per year and represent the respective annual gross salary, including possible variable salary components for a few functions.

InnoGames' salary bands (as of July 2022)
Job Level Salary Range (in Euro)

Junior 48.000 - 58.000
Regular 58.000 - 75.000 (OB* up to 79.500)
Senior 75.000 - 96.000
Team Lead 75.000 - 96.000 (OCT* up to 106.560)
Senior Team Lead 96,000 - 115,000 (OCT* up to 125,000)
Expert from 96.000
Head from 115.000

Game Designer
Junior 34.000 - 42.000 (OCT* up to 46.000)
Regular 42.000 - 58.000 (OCT* up to 62.000)
Senior 58.000 - 85.000 (OCT* up to 90.000)
Expert from 85.000

Junior 44.000 - 52.000
Regular 52,000 - 64,900 (OCT* up to 70,000)
Senior 64,900 - 89,700 (OCT* up to 96,000)
Team Lead 64,900 - 82,500 (OCT* up to 90,000)
Senior Team Lead 82,500 - 106,375 (OCT* up to 115,000)
Expert from 89,700
Head from 106.375

Junior 32.000 - 38.000 (OCT* up to 40.000)
Regular 38.000 - 48.000 (OCT* up to 52.000)
Senior 48.000 - 68.000 (OCT* up to 77.000)
Team Lead 65.000 - 80.000 (OCT* up to 85.000)
Senior Team Lead from 80.000
Expert from 68.000

Junior 45,600 - 55,200 (OCT* up to 60,000)
Regular 55,200 - 72,000 (OB* up to 77,400)
Senior 72,000 - 95,040 (OCT* up to 100,000)
Team Lead 79,200 - 91,080 (OCT* up to 100,000)
Senior Team Lead 91,080 - 104,280 (OCT* up to 119,922)
Expert from 95,040
Head from 104,280

Community Manager
Junior 32.000 - 36.500
Regular 36,500 - 44,000 (OCT* up to 47,000)
Senior 44.000 - 57.600 (OCT* up to 65.000)
Team Lead 48,000 - 62,000 (OCT* up to 70,000)
Senior Team Lead 62,000 - 85,000 (OCT* up to 93,000)
Expert from 57,600
Head from 85.000

Product Manager
Junior 40.000 - 55.000
Regular 55 .000 - 75.000
Senior from € 75.000
Product Head from € 115.000

Quality Assistance Engineer
Quality Assurance Tester 20.000 - 45.000
Junior 38.000 - 50.000
Regular 50.000 - 65.000 (OCT* up to 72.080)
Senior 65.000 - 85.000 (OCT* up to 98.000)
Expert from € 85.000

System Administrator
Junior 45,000 - 57,500 (OCT* up to 60,000)
Regular 57.500 - 75.000 (OCT* up to 80.000)
Senior 75.000 - 88.500 (OCT* up to 98.000)
Team Lead 75.000 - 86.000 (OCT* up to 95.000)
Senior Team Lead 86.000 - 110.000 (OCT* up to 114.000)
Expert from 88.500
Head from 110.000

According to InnoGames, the salary information now published covers around 80 percent of the workforce. According to the company, a salary band is created as soon as at least six employees have the same career model. For example, no salary band exists for the position of press spokesperson, as only one person performs this task. The salaries of the management level also remain secret.

Only Ubisoft has more employees
InnoGames belongs to the Swedish media group Modern Times Group (MTG). The company finances its free games primarily through in-app purchases: These games are therefore designed to entice players to invest a lot of time or real money in order to progress.

At last count, InnoGames employed around 430 people, with women making up 28 percent of the workforce. This makes the company the second largest German games manufacturer. Only Ubisoft Blue Byte is larger in this country, with 780 employees. The manufacturer of games such as "Anno" and "The Settlers" does not publicly disclose its salaries.

Andreas Lieb, Director of Human Resources at InnoGames, tells SPIEGEL that one of the aims of publishing the salary bands is to make it clear that the games industry does not pay bad salaries. Lieb believes that he can refute this prejudice for his company.

By letting everyone know roughly how much InnoGames pays in the future, Lieb hopes for lower dropout rates in application processes and more interest from people outside the games industry - certainly also for the company's current job ads. At the same time, like InnoGames co-founder Michael Zillmer, he speculates that the move toward more transparency will find imitators in the industry. Zillmer says he hopes "that other games companies will now dare to come out of the woodwork."

InnoGames works according to the trust-based working hours model, which means that working hours are not precisely recorded. According to Andreas Lieb, InnoGames allegedly doesn't have "crunch" periods like the ones that keep making headlines at other game companies. Crunch" is when developers are urged - or they feel urged by their environment - to do extra work for weeks or months, read more about it here.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the games industry has been focusing heavily on hybrid working, and InnoGames is no exception. About halfway between the main train station and the Elbbrücken bridges, the company still has a large office building. But most of the staff now work remotely. At InnoGames, you only have to come into the office for a maximum of 20 days per year."

Source: https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/gam...lfirma-a-bcfcf64d-4120-46b4-8bdd-d8322bdb9724
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