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General Guidelines to Install Base

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Install Base General Guidelines

Mission Statement
Install Base is a place created to discuss and elaborate on the business side of the game industry. It is a community of industry figures, experienced and knowledgeable members but also a community where everyone can ask and learn something new. Our aim is to provide healthy and insightful discussions on the gaming industry, through numbers and charts. To this end, we also aim to build a comprehensive database, free to access, and based on years and years of archiving and public data.
Install Base is therefore created with the aim of being a welcoming and healthy place, where people can contribute and learn through the members’ insights and the vast amount of data at their disposal. This cannot be achieved without providing a safe place. Any kind of discrimation or stigmatization will not be tolerated.
Install Base is also, first and foremost, made possible through its community. Said community has been solicited a lot to create this place and will continue to be. Constant feedback, open dialogues and regular surveys are written in the Install Base DNA.

Please also read the Rules.

Your Account
Everything you need to know about creating and keeping an account on Install Base.

Install Base has two main ways of registration:
  • By being vetted by a non-Junior member
  • By providing a free or paid email and answering the following question “Why do you want to join Install Base?” (>50 words)

We decided to extend the pool of potential members to the ones that don’t have a paid mail and added a question for the new potential members to answer. This is a measure to prevent trolls or bots from registering with multiple accounts. This will also give us an idea of what the new members are looking forward to the most. All new accounts undergo manual screening before activation. Accounts that are registered via VPN or with suspected domains, for example a company that does not have a functioning website, could be rejected. In case of rejection, you are always welcome to try to register again.

Member Verification
One of the key mechanics of the user registration will be vetting, which we allow full members to vouch for an upcoming new user. We trust our community’s judgement regarding potential additions to the forum.

Every full member can vet two new users at a time. As soon as at least one of these users is promoted to full member, they can vet again other user(s) with a limited number of two (2) vetted users in Junior phase at the same time.

However, if a vetted user is banned during its Junior phase, the full member will lose its ability to vet for a whole year.

Junior Phase
Once your account is activated, you can immediately start posting messages on the forum. At first, your account will be considered in its ‘junior phase’. During this period, you will get to know the members of the website, and they will get to know you. That last bit is important: moderation is stricter on junior accounts to make sure the discussion on the forum remains healthy. The junior status of your account is not visible to other members. Your account gets promoted after you have posted 150 messages and have been active on the forum for at least 45 days.

Thread Creation Privileges
We do not allow junior members to create threads. They should take their time to get to know the community first before they start contributing in this significant way. It is also a way to prevent bad faith posters and trolls from spamming the forum with a new account.

One Account Only
Each user is allowed only one account. If you have created multiple accounts, we will ban all of them permanently.

Different Kinds Of Membership
There are a number of different member roles on Install Base. If you feel you should have a role, or you can contribute to the forum with a new unique role, please contact the Staff.

The Archivists are members of Install Base who actively participate in collecting and archiving data. They are the contributors to the Database and have been part of our sales community for many years.

If you work in game development, game publishing, market analysis, or any adjacent field, you can apply for the Industry role. The Staff will want to verify your position.

Thread Guidelines
Topics That We Discuss
Initially, the threads on Install Base are going to focus on the following topics:
  • game sales charts and milestones
  • market research and coverage
  • financial reports
  • industry trends
  • games industry stocks
  • news on corporate activity, like mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations
  • game and corporate announcements
  • industry events, such as E3 and The Game Awards
  • sales prediction leagues
  • opinions and editorials related to the games industry
  • interviews with key figures in the games industry
  • other game business news
  • retro sales
If you have any doubts whether the thread you want to create fits one of these categories, you can reach out to the Staff (Admin or Mod) to be sure. Prediction threads outside of the prediction leagues can be created but the comparison needs to make sense, especially for those pitting games against each other, i.e. the games need to share a lot of similarities.

Topics To Avoid
Threads not fitting any of these categories shouldn’t be created and will be locked. Install Base is dedicated to discussing sales and business-related topics about the games industry. If you believe additional topics should be included in the future, we urge you to share your ideas in the Suggestions section and in the community surveys.
Examples of topics to avoid include:
  • general game, company, and platform discussions
  • tech and gaming tech discussions
  • reviews, previews, and hype threads
  • game, company, and community OTs
  • news, opinions, and editorials not related to the games industry
  • threads with no specific purpose
  • personal, social, and political issues
  • other sales or business topics not related to the games industry

Rumors And Leaks
In general, please do not leak recent, non-public sales data onto Install Base. Do not ask for leaked data or talk about leak sources. Do not directly or indirectly quote any newly-leaked data. Analysis and discussion of leaks are fine, but spreading leaks anywhere is not allowed. Additionally, please do not create threads in The Market using leaked data.

Posting rumors and leaks from external sources is allowed, but proper sourcing is key.

Post rumors only if they originated from a reputable outlet or a known journalist. Rumors coming from unknown Twitter accounts or 4chan cannot be published until they are corroborated by more serious sources. Also, these threads will have to be clearly labeled as such in the thread title and the OP.

If you post any recent off-site sales leaks, please also include a link to their original external source. If you do not include a source, someone may assist by providing one for you in a subsequent post. If a source cannot be found, the post may be deleted.

Moderators will delete attempts to circumvent these policies. If you have any comments on the matter, please proactively reach out to a Moderator who can discuss it with you further.

Original Posters Guidelines
The threads need to be created with a lot of care and sourced whenever it is possible. For threads aimed at initiating a whole discussion (op-eds or predictions), we urge the original poster (OP) to provide enough data and context. It will only make the discussion better.

Furthermore, the first part of your thread that anyone will see is the title. It is the first impression and therefore should be written with a lot of care. The framing of the thread is important and it needs to be as unbiased as possible when you report news or make a poll. If you need to change the thread title, you can reach out to the moderation by reporting your own post and specifying the new thread title you wish to have.

As such, if you create a thread based on an article, don’t copy-paste the entire thing, don’t forget to properly source it and don’t misrepresent it. Keep in mind that if your OP is based around a video, several members won’t be able to watch it directly. A summary of the video’s content is therefore good practice.

Contributing To A Thread
Not only the creator of a thread has a responsibility; all readers and contributors do. Reading the OP is mandatory before answering. The answers provided need to be as thorough as possible if they contradict a sourced and detailed argument. We expect our members to respect the time invested by a member into elaboration of their argument by doing the same in return.

This brings us to the following point: trolling, drive-by posts, bad faith arguments and thread derailing will not be tolerated. The quality and readability of the threads are Install Base's main concerns and we will monitor this aspect very carefully with the help of the OPs of the threads.

Regular Original Posters And Archivists
OPs have a central role into making Install Base a healthy environment to discuss sales. The regular OPs, those who create threads on weekly/monthly returning main topics of the website (such as the Media Create and NPD threads), have an open discussion channel with the moderation team to make sure everything is going smoothly and to share their wishes for the forum’s development. They are the backbones of the sales community and we feel they should be consulted regularly.
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