Epic : Small EGS Freebies gets between 6.5M and 7M Claims , Bigger Freebies gets between 20M and 25M Claims

Thats according to Steve Allison , The VP and general manager of the Epic Games Store in an interview with The Verge that was dedicated to EGS Freebies strategy

The free games can be really beneficial for developers. “The smallest free games on any given week get between six and a half and 7 million claims,” Allison says. The bigger ones? Twenty to 25 million claims, according to Allison

Also According to Tim Sweeney , developers see sales increases on both the Epic Games Store and on Steam due to the Freebie offer

Developers don’t just get new free players, by the way; CEO Tim Sweeney says that developers see sales increases on both the Epic Games Store and on Steam, Valve’s competing PC game store. Sweeney also points out that the free games can be a good deal for players in developing countries where gaming may be more expensive, meaning that they help expand the global reach of some titles. And since developers get a flat fee from Epic so that Epic can offer their game for free, they make some money no matter what.

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On the Topic of Freebie Claiming , Some available examples of publishers sharing Stats of their freebie game on EGS

Vampyr : 8M "Downloads" , Game was Available for 24 Hours to Claim ( Late 2021 Freebie )
Star Wars Battlefront II : " 19M " Players in a Week ( Early 2021 Freebie )
Cook Serve Delicious 3 : 5M " Downloads " in 6 Days ( Mid 2022 Freebie )
PC Building Simulator : 4M " Claimers " in First 24 Hours ( Late 2021 Freebie )
Troy Total War : 7M " Claimers , Available for 24 Hours to Claim ( Mid 2020 Freebie )
Remnant : 10M " Claimers " in a Week ( Mid 2020 Freebie )
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