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Epic : Small EGS Freebies gets between 6.5M and 7M Claims , Bigger Freebies gets between 20M and 25M Claims ( Latest : Payday2 12M Claims )

Ryuichi Naruhodo

Thats according to Steve Allison , The VP and general manager of the Epic Games Store in an interview with The Verge that was dedicated to EGS Freebies strategy

The free games can be really beneficial for developers. “The smallest free games on any given week get between six and a half and 7 million claims,” Allison says. The bigger ones? Twenty to 25 million claims, according to Allison

Also According to Tim Sweeney , developers see sales increases on both the Epic Games Store and on Steam due to the Freebie offer

Developers don’t just get new free players, by the way; CEO Tim Sweeney says that developers see sales increases on both the Epic Games Store and on Steam, Valve’s competing PC game store. Sweeney also points out that the free games can be a good deal for players in developing countries where gaming may be more expensive, meaning that they help expand the global reach of some titles. And since developers get a flat fee from Epic so that Epic can offer their game for free, they make some money no matter what.

Full Interview


On the Topic of Freebie Claiming , Some available examples of publishers sharing Stats of their freebie game on EGS

Vampyr : 8M Claims , Game was Available for 24 Hours to Claim ( Late 2021 Freebie )
Star Wars Battlefront II : " 19M Claimers in a Week ( Early 2021 Freebie )
Cook Serve Delicious 3 : 5M Claimers in 6 Days ( Mid 2022 Freebie )
PC Building Simulator : 4M Claimers in First 24 Hours ( Late 2021 Freebie )
Troy Total War : 7M Claimers , Available for 24 Hours to Claim ( Mid 2020 Freebie )
Remnant : 10M Claimers in a Week ( Mid 2020 Freebie )
Dying Light : 15M Claimers in a Week ( April 2023 Freebie ) Thanks Iraiza
Kao The Kangaroo : 6M Claimers in a Week
Payday 2 : 12M Claimers in a Week ( June 2023 Freebie )
Earthlock : 5.9M Claims in a week ( Nov 2023 Freebie )
Sail Forth : 2.4M Claims in Less than 48 Hours ( Jan 2024 Freebie )

Note : Despite some publishers using words like downloads or players , I will stick with the word claims , since some Downloads or players numbers doesnt make sense , but it makes sense as Claims
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Dying Light was claimed over 15 million times, which looks like it's on the higher end of these freebies judging by the examples in OP. The devs sound pretty happy about it:

Techland, the developer and publisher of the Dying Light game franchise, announced today that over 15 million players claimed the Dying Light Enhanced Edition on the Epic Games Store.

“Free ticket to Harran” exceeded expectations
Dying Light Enhanced Edition was offered for free as a part of a time limited event “Free Ticket to Harran” during April 6-13, on the Epic Games Store.

Chief Publishing Officer, Oleg Klapovskiy commented on the milestone –

“We are grateful that so many fans and players have such an interest in the Dying Light franchise. During that week we’ve managed to get to a record number of 760k+ concurrent players. This result exceeded our expectations and is a testimony of the enduring popularity of the world of Dying Light.

Over 15 mln players claimed the Dying Light Enhanced Edition on the @EpicGames Store! Thank you for such a big interest in Dying Light, we hope this is just the beginning of your adventure in the @DyingLightGame franchise!
Learn more https://dyinglightgame.com/news/15-mln-free-tickets-to-harran/… #dyinglight #dyinglight2 #dynglight2stayhuman
Dying Light was claimed over 15 million times, which looks like it's on the higher end of these freebies judging by the examples in OP. The devs sound pretty happy about it:

Thanks a lot for your input , thats appreciated :) I think you gave me an idea that this thread might be dedicated for EGS freebies milestones

Regarding Dying Light , I check EGS daily so I glance over the " Top Played " list daily , and in one day I saw a rare sight of a game surpassing Fortnite in the Top Played list and that game was Dying light when it went free , So Yea engagement wise it seems the game did great


That's more Kaos than there is people living in Montserrat

That's 4.9 million more than Sunderland's transfer budget on Football Manager

That's only 4 more Kaos than there is Final Fantasys

Thank you for downloading Kao The Kangaroo on @EpicGames

Game was released For free on EGS from 4 May 2023 to 11 May 2023
From Starbreeze Q2 Fiscal Report , Payday 2 was Downloaded by 12M Players when it was free on EGS

Together with Epic Games, we celebrated “The Year of PAYDAY” by offering the world's premier heisting experience – the base game of PAYDAY 2 – one week free on the Epic Games Store in June. It is, of course, part of the strategy to let more people experience PAYDAY as a game and brand ahead of the launch of PAYDAY 3 in September. More than 12 million people downloaded the game, and we launched sales of all DLCs on the Epic Games Store at the same time. The successful campaign contributed to June's MAU reaching 1,541,309. During the quarter, our team delivered three additional DLCs for PAYDAY 2, culminating in the Crude Awakening heist that launched at the end of June. 10 years after launch, the game now contains close to ninety heists and has received hundreds of updates with both new content and new features. Continuous development with lots of new content is a pillar of all games Starbreeze develop.

Snowcastle had announced that their game Earthlock ( Was Freebie from 16th Nov to 23th Nov ) had been claimed by 5.9M Users

Our first title, Earthlock, was originally released in 2018. We have seen a huge boost in activity since it was available for free on the Epic Store for a week in November. Over 5.9 million people claimed the game! We hope you enjoyed revisiting the world of Earthlock. Be sure to check out our comics on Steam and Epic if you want to delve further into the Earthlock lore.


Sail forth has been downloaded 2.4 million times now on Epic (for free lol) Pretty blown away by this, I knew a lot of new players would be joining but this is insane

I think this is as of less than 48 Hours , Since the game went for Free Two Days Ago

As usual , I will treat any wording by the Publisher as " Claimed " , Since its the thing that makes more sense
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