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Do you believe Elden Ring will reach Bandai Namco's forecast of 4M units sold by March 31st, 2022 ?

How much do you think Elden Ring will send by the end of March 2022 ?

  • It'll be far below BN goal (<3m)

    Votes: 3 2.4%
  • It won't be very close to reaching it (3m-3.5)

    Votes: 5 4.0%
  • It will fall a bit below it (3.5m-4m)

    Votes: 8 6.4%
  • It'll reach it (4m-4.5m)

    Votes: 26 20.8%
  • I will confortably beat it (4.5m-5m)

    Votes: 33 26.4%
  • It will reach new heights for BN and FS (5m+)

    Votes: 50 40.0%

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  • Poll closed .

From Software cemented themselves as one of gaming's best developpers. Over the past years, the likes of Dark Souls III, Bloodborne and Sekiro were met by critical and commercial success.

Elden Ring is therefore coming with a lot of expectations and the biggest scope for a From Software game yet, incorprorating elements of their past works into a big open-world.

During their last Q&A, Bandai-Namco mentionned that they are expecting 4m copies from the game this FY. With the recent delay, the game is now launching on February 25th, which will give it a big month to sell that amount. It seems like, despite FS publishing the game in Japan, those are included in that amount.

Here is a summary of their past games performance :

Sekiro : 2m in 10 days
Dark Souls III : 3m copies in ~1 month (20 days more in Japan/Asia)
Bloodborne (PS4 exclusive) : 1m sold-through in 10 days, 2m in 5 months

So, now that the beta happened, and given everything mentionned here, do you believe Elden Ring will sell 4m copies in a bit more than a month ?
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