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Database Official Thread - Quick Resource of Threads and Archivists

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Hello! This thread is to help you find topics by type (region/game/milestone/etc) and know the Archivists that make this section special. Everything is in alphabetical order.

For a detailed description of what Database is visit The Database and the Archivists' roles


Archived Mega Threads
Australia / New Zealand: Archives Thread (DarkDetective)
Comg! preorders: Archive thread (Lelouch0612)
Dengeki Online Sales Archive (ZSaberLink)
Media Create sales: Archive thread (Chris1964)
Nintendo Switch eShop (USA) Ranking Database (Isshan)

1982 UK sales chart data (sir_crocodile)
1983 UK sales chart data (sir_crocodile)
1990 UK sales chart data (sir_crocodile)
Annual Report of the German Games Industry 2021 (Lichtsang)
2020 | Europe, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy & Australia. (acezam)
French video game Market in 2020 (Astral_lion02)
French Hardware Sales in 2021 (Update with new data) (Astral_lion02)
Germany - BIU/game Sales Awards Archive (DarkDetective)
Historical Hardware and software data for French video game market (Astral_lion02)
PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Lifetimes Sales in 14 European Countries (Bruno MB)
Spain Sales: 2021 Hardware & Software (acezam)
UK 2021 hardware and software sales | 35.8m games, 3.36m consoles and 10.6m accessories sold (SoonyXboneUhh)

Xbox Contents and Services + Hardware Revenue 2014 - Present (Welfare)

Nintendo software and hardware sales data from 1983 to present (Celine)
SNES and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive hardware sales comparison (Celine)

JAPAN: Nintendo software and hardware sales data from 1983 to present (Celine)
Some stats for the japanese videogame market in 2020 from Famitsu Game White Paper 2021 (Celine)

Video Games
Nintendo software and hardware sales data from 1983 to present (Celine)
Otome Game Database (ktpoison)
The Halo Franchise Sales History (Welfare)
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