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Community Poll: Which of the Xenoblade-games have you played?

Which of the Xenoblade-games have you played? Pick all valid choices!

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Infected with 'Xenoblade'. 御免なさい🙇‍♀️
I've been thinking about Xenoblade X recently again and this is what lead me to making this thread. Basically, we often mention XBX as one of the obvious remaining Wii U-ports that haven't appeared on Switch, but we never get a feel for its sales potential. While IB is likely too small and has a strong bias in favor of having had contact with the game, I'd nevertheless like to pose the question in the title in an attempt to gauge what the situation is like among enthusiast gamers. Due to the Wii U's failure the game never had a change to reach many people, with only 110k units sold in Japan and unknown quantity worldwide, although we know it didn't break 1 mio, probably not even 500k (anyone with worldwide numbers feel free to hit me up). So for me the question is: Is there a significant number of "gamersTM" that haven't played Xenoblade X or did the game just not hit the mainstream, because Wii U didn't hit the mainstream?

(Note: There's surely other factors to consider, too, but I don't think most would doubt that Xenoblade X on Switch would have inherently sold better than on Wii U. Hw install base matters to some degree.)

In short: Which of the Xenoblade-titles have you played?

Ideally, "played" means that you started the gamed and either finished it or played it until you quit because you didn't enjoy it anymore. So don't vote if you just gave it a quick 5 minute glimpse at a friend's house or something, although I can't force anyone to do so. Let's not make science of it, everyone knows what is meant ;D

My expectations for this poll:

  • have most people played all the Xenoblade-games already or is even the enthusiast crowd mostly untapped?
  • can we derive a certain ratio that allows us to predict XBX Switch sales potential?
  • speculating about XBX Switch sales potential in the context of mainstream success
  • using the above ratio to compare other Xenoblade-games and their hw install base at the time of their release

I'm not sure this will work the way I envisioned it, but it'd be great if as many as possible of you took part in the poll. Since we're on friendly terms (I think?), I'd like to encourage someone do the same poll on Resetera for the bigger and thus more relevant user participation. Also, everyone feel welcome to share in this thread why they didn't play Xenoblade X despite having played other Xenoblade-games. Any talk relating to the poll and Xenoblade X and a Switch port are, naturally, also welcome. Have fun ^^
gots all of them.

Xenoblade X will always be the weird one out because it bucks a lot of expectations of what Xenoblade is, even when it came out. it's a rather un-takahashi-like game. at the same time, I'd argue it has a lot of potential to break out if they doubled down on its online features. it won't be the game Takahashi fans want, but it would be the game Xenoblade X really wants to be and that's an online-focused RPG
I have played XC2, Torna, XC1 (Switch) and XC3, in that order.
Right now I'm waiting for the arrival of the limited edition of XCX I bought on "Wallapop" few days ago.
For me, XC2 is perfection. The combat, story, the titans... It's perfect. It's my favourite game of all time. And the DLC... I don't have words to describe how much I love it.
XC1, imo has a big problem, the boring combat. I don't like the way it works and I feel like sometimes you don't have total control over your player actions. Other aspects, such as the world and the story are 10/10.

XC3 is massive. The combat it's not as good as XC2's, but the world and the story are so incredible. The only thing I didn't like was how slowly they told you the main plot.

And now, let's play XCX on Wii U. My WiiU has been sitting on a shelf for more than one year since in December 2021 I completed Wind Waker HD. Once I finish XCX, I hope will remember this thread to edit my post and write my conclusions!
I played first XCDE and then XC2. Going to get XC3 at some point.
Played and finished Xenoblade 12y ago on Wii, I owned and played Xenoblade X on Wii U but it came at a time where I had a much harder time to stomach extremely lengthy games on home console so I dropped it after 15h or so (last notable game I finished on home console was in early 2015)

Xenoblade 2 being playable on handheld mode could have made me come back to the series but what I saw of it put me away, especially as I'm being way more selective in what I play (not a lot), I had the same kind of hesitation with Xenoblade 3 but it ended with the same outcome.
And I ended up buying another well rated RPG on NSW that I eventually dropped to, but this is another story
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