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Capcom output strategy | Discussion thread.

Inspired by the excellent threads of @Abzeronow and @Phantom Thief , I decided to do the Capcom Version of it

First as a Refresher , I will list the games that will release this Fiscal Year , along with announced games and leaked games


- Q1

Capcom Fighting Collection (NSW/PC/PS4/PS5/X1/XS)

- Q2
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 1/2/3 New Mobile Version (AND/IOS)

- Coming FY2022/2023 with No release window

Resident Evil 2/3/7 Next Gen Upgrade (PC/PS5/XS)
Resident Evil Verse ( PC/PS4/X1 Until now )
Resident Evil Village DLC ( Supposedly PC/PS4/PS5/X1/XS)
Capcom 2nd Arcade Stadium ( NSW/PC/PS4/X1 )


- Coming 2023 with No release window

Exoprimal ( No Platforms announced )
Pragmata ( No Platforms announced )

Announced with No Release Year

Street Fighter 6 ( No Platforms announced )

Leaked Games ( not all of them are 100% confirmed to release , some might got cancelled , Also For the Capcom Files leak Most of the dates are totally outdated by now )

- MH Stories 2 (Q1 FY21/22) ( Released )
- DGS 12 (Q1 FY21/22) ( Released )
- SHIELD (Q3 FY21/22) ( Probably Exoprimal )
- RESIDENT EVIL OUTRAGE (Q4 FY21/22) ( Reportedly Cancelled )
- REGOLITH (Q4 FY21/22) ( Pragmata )
- "Indies 2" (Q1 FY22/23)
- "Indies 2 port" (Q2 FY22/23)
- Dragon's Dogma 2 (Q2 FY22/23)
- STREET FIGHTER 6 (Q3 FY22/23) ( Announced )
- MH NS G (Q4 FY22/23)
- SHIELD G (Q4 FY22/23)
- Monster Hunter 6 (Q2 FY23/24)
- SSF6 (Q4 FY23/24)
- NEW C (Q1 FY24/25)
- NEW B (Q4 FY24/25)
- Ultra SF6 (Q4 FY24/25)
- Resident Evil Hank (Q4 FY24/25)

2023-01-01 Dragon's Dogma 2
2022-11-01 Mega Man Match
2023-07-01 Monster Hunter 6
2022-01-01 Monster Hunter Rise ( Released )
2023-01-01 Pragmata
2022-11-01 Resident Evil 4 Remake
2022-03-01 Resident Evil Outbreak ( Probably Outrage , Reportedly cancelled )
2023-01-01 Street Fighter 6

Now that we made a refresher of all kinds of upcoming releases , I will talk about Output of Capcom IPs , Capcom release pattern , Their strategy with Platforms owners

Output of Capcom IPs ( Might Contain leak infos )

- Resident Evil

It had two mainline titles ( RE7 and RE8 ) , two remakes ( RE2 and RE3 ) , one Side Game ( Revelations 2 ) , Two Multiplayer Focused games and one upcoming ( Umbrella Corps , Resistance and Verse ) , Upcoming Releases RE8 DLC which was very briefly announced last summer and got Zero info about it and RE Verse which is in a delayed state since May 2021 , Leaks and reports points to Resident Evil 4 Remake being the next title to release for the series , Resident evil Outrage was supposed to come out Q1 2022 , but of course as of now then the project is either cancelled like reports claims or it got delayed , Resident Evil Apocalypse ( probably RE9 ) from its leaked budget and projected sales seems to be a Big project , There is also Next Gen version of RE2/3/7

The IP is in a healthy state right now , With two lines of Products that sells similar to each other ( Mainline and Remakes ) , However There is a max of how they can Squeeze the remakes line , After RE4 , the only game that desperately needs a remake technically wise and ease of purchase wise is Code Veronica ( even more than RE4 ) , However remaking games like RE1 or RE0 would still be okay and make way more sense than RE5 or RE6 , the Side series took a step back in favor of Remake games , Last side game we got was Revelations 2 which took place between RE5 and RE6 , There is a room for a Revelations 3 and 4 that takes places between RE6 and RE7 , RE7 and RE8 especially that REV2 ended in a big cliffhanger

- Monster Hunter

It had three Mainline Releases recently ( Monster Hunter XX , Monster Hunter World and Monster hunter Rise ) , One Spin-Off title ( Monster Hunter Stories 2 ) , Upcoming Releases are Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak which will be released in Next Summer , In Leaks there is a mention of only one Monster Hunter Game which is Monster Hunter 6 , It will be interesting to see the platforms this game will release

The IP that keeps giving Golden Eggs for over a decade right now and Based on Capcom Words on the PC Release of Rise , It seems Capcom is experimenting right now to get the best benefits of Both MHW Success and Rise success , Whether to Keep the two lines format , or merge the two lines into one , And I think Nintendo next generation console will be a Wild card in this If MH6 will release after its launch of it , The Stories series did over Capcom's expectations so I think we will see new entries for it , and maybe that will encourage Capcom to use the IP in a new genre and see the results

- Street Fighter

As usual , only one Base title released in the past Generation which is Street Fighter V , with Two expansions released for it later down the generation which are Arcade Edition and Champions Edition , it was obvious Capcom was in a hurry releasing the base game at its state , probably taking advantage of the Sony Exclusivity Money , and Of course that reflected on sales being not good in the first years of its release , but Improvements and content being added gradually it it improved the pace of sales for it , Capcom announced Street fighter 6 with polarizing results for the few seconds of its reveal teaser , mainly due to the logo change which might be indication of the Game's overall direction , and the change of the artstyle , No Release date or platforms announced yet but Capcom stated more info will be revealed in Summer , The Series also celebrates its 35th anniversary this year so we may get more content related to SF announced

- Devil May Cry

After the Reboot of Devil May Cry that was released in 2013 and developed by Ninja Theory , only one game got released after it which is Devil May Cry V that had surpassed 5M copies as of days ago in a great result for the IP History , The game is also the first game for Capcom to release a Next Gen port , The Future of the Series is unknown , Leak didn't mention a new entry in the Series , The Series main director is probably busy with Dragon Dogma 2 , The Series isn't known to have Side games between main entries , One approach Capcom can make is to remake the old games , but there isn't a sign this is the approach Capcom will make

- Megaman

The Series 35th anniversary is This year , we still didn't get any announcement for new content for the series but Most probably Capcom still didnt show its hands yet for the Series anniversary , Leaks also mention a game Called Rockman Match to release this year , Megaman 11 was revealed in a Megaman anniversary Stream , so there is a chance a new game for the series to be announced in the same fashion

- Ace Attorney

After Spirit of Justice Release , Capcom Released the Localization of Great Ace Attorney 1 and 2 and in a Multiplatform Release and surpassed 500K recently , Also Ace Attorney 1/2/3 Turnabout Collection that was released for NSW/PC/PS4/X1 has surpassed 1M copies recently in a first for the series , There is the annual Ace Attorney Concert to take place this month , which might be a place to announce a new content for the series , Candidates might be Ace Attorney 7 which was mentioned in leaks , or an Ace Attorney 4/5/6 Multiplatform collection , especially that capcom recently trademarked Apollo Justice in Japan ( the 4th Game was simply Called Ace Attorney 4 )

- Dead Rising

Despite being menitoned always in Capcom Fiscal Reports as one of Capcom's main IPs , but the future of the IP is totally unknown , Last game in the series was Dead Rising 4 in 2016 to not so good Sales and Reception , The Series main developer which is Capcom Vancouver is no more , which makes things more complicated to revive it

- Dragon Dogma

The Game got its good share of ports to every modern platform to a good results , Dragon Dogma 2 is mentioned in the leaks and will be interesting to see if it will be revealed soon or it had its lengthy delay

- New IPs

Before Exoprimal and Pragmata , Capcom was lacking in New IPs , mostly due to making it safe in their conditions at that time , IIRC the New IPs in about 10 years from 2011 to 2021 were Troopers EX , Dragon Dogma and Remember Me on the console side and Toraware no Palm and Shinsekai on the Mobile side that got ported to consoles , but the stable condition that Capcom got in late 201X's made them go more into the New IPs approach and that resulted in two new IPs being announced recently which are Pragmata and Exoprimal

Capcom Release Pattern

- Capcom usually releases their big games in the last quarter of the fiscal year which is Jan-Mar of the year , Their second favorite release window is around summer between June to September which they usually release their non-Big hitter games and Spin offs , They avoid competing in the busy holiday season for over a decade now , and with the exception of last year due to COVID delays then also Quarter 1 of the fiscal year which is around April-May they dont release much games in that period

- Capcom usual marketing cycle is 6-8 months between announcement and Release unless there are Platform deals involved

- For their Single Player Games especially Resident Evil , Capcom started to favor releasing Annual/Semi-annual Single Player Games with minimal Post-launch support rather than releasing a game once every few years with more Post Launch support

Strategy With Platform Owners


- With the Exception of Dead rising IP , MS isnt a frequent partner with Capcom regarding Temporary Exclusives , Their last marketing Partnership was in Devil May Cry V , which surprised Everyone who thought that it will be in Sony Hands , Capcom was frequent in making their games joining Gamepass , but recently the amount of Capcom games joining Gamepass had decreased by a good amount , Could be for strategic reasons or Contracts with other Platforms like Sony


- While Capcom was a Good supporter for Nintendo consoles historically , but Capcom didn't initially release much new Content to the Nintendo Switch , Mostly were Ports or Collections , Capcom brought up the Whole Mainline and Revelations RE Series to Switch minus RE2/3/7 , Brought over Devil May Cry 1/2/3 and Games like Dragon Dogma and Onimusha , Monster Hunter Rise was the First Big new game for Capcom released on Switch and the First Big game built on RE Engine , Capcom had two temporary exclusives releases for Nintendo Switch which are Capcom Arcade Stadium and Ghosts and Goblins Resurrections , There has been Rumors here and there about a RE game made for Switch but we didnt see anything about it until now , Will be interesting to see Capcom support on Next Gen Nintendo console


- Capcom seems to partner a lot with Sony lately , They had a big role in marketing Resident Evil 2 , 3 and 7 and Village and 7 specially due to it having PSVR , Also had Big role marketing Monster Hunter World , Also Pragmata and Exoprimal were shown in Sony Shows , There is no Temp exclusivity since Street fighter 5 and Umbrella Corps days , but it is clear Capcom is too close to Sony than any other Platform Owner , This is just me theorizing here , but Capcom sudden disappearance from Gamepass may have to do with Sony contracts with them

PC General

Capcom aims to grow more in the PC Market and they revealed that one of their aims is to make PC have 50% of its sales annually , which is one part of their plan to grow the overall percentage of Digital sales in their overall sales , Capcom is one of the companies who has good pricing strategy in their PC releases which allows them to have long legs with good profits and prices that isnt too high on the user after some amount of time , DMCVSE not coming to PC was the recent bad mark in their relation with PC but otherwise they maintain a good strategy with PC


- Capcom Main ( and currently nearly only ) PC Platform , Capcom was one of the early Japanese adopters of Steam ( I think DMC3 was literally the first Japanese game released on Steam ) before they switched to GFWL for some time and one of the early Japanese companies to do Fine PC Ports ( after the disastrous DMC3 and RE4 Ports ) , Monster Hunter World Concurrent Numbers on Steam and the game's gigantic sales must have shocked Capcom in a good way and decided to invest more in PC Space , Capcom also had its share with partnerships with Valve , apparent in Resident Evil 6 x L4D Crossover and Okami x Dota Crossover

Epic Game Store

- While Capcom have Zero Games on EGS until now , but there is a chance they will eventually release games there when store gets more matured , As it is harmless to release games on EGS alongside steam , and each copy sold there is a profit compared to it being sold on Steam ( 88% compared to 70% cut ) , We might also see Capcom release a game for Free there ( ApplexEpic Court docs showed there was negotiations to have RE2 as freebie one time ) , I dont think Capcom will have an exclusive EGS game there unless it is really really a game they arent totally sure of its performance , Recently Capcom had its share of Crossovers with Epic , apparent in Fortnite having Street Fighter and Resident Evil Crossovers


- Capcom seems to be not in favor of making their games DRM-Free and therefore they totally Skip GOG , However there was two occasions where Capcom released on GOG and both are random , the first is Street Fighter Alpha 2 and the second is Dragon Dogma , I don't think we will see Capcom on GOG unless Cd Projekt approach them to Re-release RE1/2/3 or Dino Crisis 1/2 on the platform the same way CD Projekt approached Konami about the old PC ports of MG1 and MGS1 and 2 and Castlevania , I am sure CD Projekt tried to Contact Capcom about them but for some reason Capcom might not be in favor of Re-releasing their old PC ports or make RE Classic/Dino Crisis Collection , Worth noting that RE Classic Collection is very high on the GOG community wishlist for PC ports that community wants CD Projekt to re-release it


- Capcom supported Stadia with Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8 with a leaked good sum of money , but with the new conditions of Stadia I am not sure how Stadia and Capcom releases will go


- Surprisingly , Capcom supported Luna with a 3 games , which is a good number compared to the library of Luna , they supported Luna with Megaman 11 , RE7 and Devil May cry V , I think we should expect more games to come while Luna is in developing phase
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Fiscal Year Output Plan Revealed
Ryuichi Naruhodo
They announced they will release " Multiple Major New Titles " This Fiscal Year , and we have Numbers for their Projected SKUs and Projected Sales


As For the Numbers


From what We Can See

- Capcom Plans to Release 45 SKU this Fiscal Year , Double of their output last FY and their Biggest number since 3 Fiscal Years
- They plan to sell 37M Units
- 7M of those are from Japan , Higher than the performance of Japan in the previous two years , which had titles Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village Releases
- The New Titles projection is 10M , Also Higher than the performance of the previous two Years
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